WooCommerce 5.9 is available.


This week WooCommerce team presented a new version of this popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress.

This is a minor update, and it should not cause any issues since it was developed considering backward compatibility. However, it is still recommended to make a backup of your site before the update since third-party plugins or themes may cause some issues.

The changes implemented in this release are listed below:

Component updates:

  • WooCommerce now uses WooCommerce Blocks 6.1. The detailed changelog for the previous versions can be found here:




  • WooCommerce now uses WooCommerce Admin. 2.8.0. The detailed changelog can be found here.


  • Featured page redesign. The page now is grouping products and showing the groups one after another. Also, product card is used now in as many places as possible, including search results and featured products.
  • Added ratings, reviews, and icons to the product cards on the Marketplace page.
  • Fix for caching issue with variable product price. The problem was appearing on the products with variable costs when VAT exemption was used.
  • Fix for empty billing email via REST API. Now the email address can be set to null, allowing for clearing the billing email via API.
  • Fix for scheduling of unpaid order cancellation. Earlier the order cancellation was not rescheduled for an additional attempt when the scheduled action failed.
  • Fix for tax location detection while adding products via the admin panel. The bug appeared because the system used the admin’s location to calculate the taxes instead of the user’s location.

Also, the update contains some minor changes. The complete list is available in the changelog.

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