Visma acquired Mijnwebwinkel.


Visma, a Norvegian provider of business software, created in 1996 based on Multisoft, SpecTec, and Dovre Information Systems, announced about the acquisition of Mijnwebwinkel (MyOnlineStore) - an eCommerce platform that allows small and mid-size enterprises to set up their own webshop. 

The platform is most popular in the Netherlands and Belgium. Ability to quickly launch and set up a user-friendly shop with the ability to manage it online via desktop, mobile devices and use different sales channels, including social media, webshop, and even offline at markets or events. The platform was created in 2005 and significantly grew up during those years, and reached a yearly turnover of about 300 million euros.

According to the agreement, Mijnwebwinkel will keep performing its business activities as an independent organization under its current name. However, it will collaborate with other Visma companies.

The acquisition lets Mijnwebwinkel use Visma’s accounting software and the stock management software called Brincr. This enables the company to expand its influence in the Netherlands and Belgium. The agreement also allows them to use the synergy of working with more than 14 thousand of Visma’s employees to expand further.

Both sides made statements about the agreement.

“Under Visma's wings, we get extra power to realize our growth ambition: expanding our strong position in the e-commerce landscape in the Netherlands and Belgium,” - claimed Danny de Pee, COO of Mijnwebwinkel. “We are continuing our strategy while taking advantage of the scale of a European software company.”

“We are delighted that Mijnwebwinkel is becoming part of the Visma family. We can now offer an accessible e-commerce solution, unburdening the work for entrepreneurs in this sector,” - stated John Reynders, Area Director Benelux at Visma. “Mijnwebwinkel’s software, combined with our accounting, inventory, and HR software, enables us to offer entrepreneurs a complete solution to manage their business. With Mijnwebwinkel on board, we are taking a great step in the ever-growing e-commerce industry in the Benelux.”

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