Winners of the Web Retailer Award 2021


Last week the commission of the Web Retailer Award 2021 announced the list of winners in different categories. This competition is one of the most important eCommerce events in the Adriatic region. It started as an annual event ten years ago in Slovenia named Web Merchant of the Year. Later it expanded to Croatia and Serbia. This year 412 web stores from these three countries were registered as participants, and the winners were chosen by the commission, which consisted of 84 members. The competition is organized by - the largest Slovenian product comparison service.

The evaluation also included customers feedback, user satisfaction rating, and technical compliance of the store.

This year the title of Adriatic Champion was awarded to - largest seller of audio-video technic and computers on the Slovenian market.

Other award winners are:

Web Challenger award: (Slovenia), (Croatia)

Web Champion award: (Slovenia),, (Serbia)

1st Customer’s Choice Award (Slovenia), (Croatia)

2nd Customer’s Choice Award (Slovenia), (Croatia)

3rd Customer’s Choice Award (Slovenia), (Croatia)

Special Committee Award (Slovenia), (Croatia), (Serbia)

Category winners:

  • Automotive: (Slovenia)

  • Clothing and footwear: (Slovenia), (Croatia), (Serbia)

  • Consumer tech: (Slovenia), (Croatia)

  • Fashion accessories: (Slovenia), (Croatia)

  • Food & beverage: (Slovenia)

  • Furniture: (Slovenia), (Croatia)

  • Health & beauty: (Slovenia), (Croatia)

  • Healthy diet and nutritional supplements: (Slovenia), (Croatia)

  • Home & garden: (Slovenia), (Croatia)

  • Kids: (Slovenia), (Croatia)

  • Pets: (Slovenia), (Croatia)

  • Specialised stores & services: (Slovenia), (Croatia), (Serbia)

  • Sport: (Slovenia), (Croatia)

  • Web Shopping Malls: (Slovenia), (Croatia)

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