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Elevating Beauty: Farmasigear's Innovative Approach to Online Merchandising

Farmasi, a company established in 1950, has been a stalwart in the beauty and wellness industry, offering a diverse range of natural and organic products, including cosmetics, skincare, and supplements., their online merchandise store, caters to a global audience seeking quality apparel, hats, safety gear, bags, tools, and more.

The beauty and wellness merchandise industry faces challenges in providing an enhanced online shopping experience, including performance optimization, multilingual support, and advanced marketing features.

The objectives for the website overhaul included:

Performance Improvement
Enhance site speed and stability for an optimal shopping experience.

Multilanguage Platform
Develop a multilingual website supporting English, Spanish, and French.

Advanced Marketing Features
Implement upsell and cross-sell features to enhance marketing opportunities.

Geographical Selling Restrictions
Restrict the sale of certain branded items outside of the USA.



We embraced Magento PWA, a progressive web app solution that seamlessly integrates with Magento to meet these objectives. This choice allowed them to provide a native app-like experience to customers, including offline access, push notifications, and device integration.

Advantages of Magento PWA

  • Native app-like experience for customers.
  • Enhanced website speed, stability, and user experience.
  • Optimized conversions, retention, and loyalty.

    The implementation process involved various enhancements:

    Advanced Marketing Features
    We implemented cross-sell and upsell blocks to suggest relevant products to customers.



    Hybrid Solution for Checkout

    • Utilized native Magento logic for the checkout page while maintaining PWA features.
    • Enabled smooth data transfer between PWA and native Magento logic.

    Currency Exchange Rates
    Implemented the ability to retrieve up-to-date currency exchange rates for multiple currency support.

    Shipping configuration

    • Added a shipping restriction module to comply with contractual limitations on selling branded items outside the USA.
    • Configured multiple shipping methods.

    PWA and Multilanguage Support

    • Enabled PWA functionality for mobile app-like usage.
    • Implemented a multilanguage feature supporting English, French, and Spanish, with a user-friendly language selection popup.



    Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager
    Configured analytics tools for efficient monitoring of the website.

    Checkout Page Customization
    Modified the checkout page to allow admin control over text management in the footer and copyright blocks.



    Active Support
    Provided active support throughout the development and site launch process. 

    As a result, Farmasigear achieved remarkable results:

    Enhanced Performance: The optimized website now offers faster speed and stability.

    Multilanguage Support: Customers can seamlessly switch between English, Spanish, and French.

    Advanced Marketing Features: Cross-sell and upsell blocks enhance marketing opportunities.

    Geographical Selling Restrictions: Compliance with brand contracts ensured restricted sales outside the USA.

    Farmasigear's commitment to customer satisfaction and online performance has led to a transformative e-commerce platform. Adopting Magento PWA and implementing advanced features showcase a dedication to providing an exceptional online shopping experience.

    For inquiries or to explore similar solutions for your business, feel free to contact us.

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