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USSOnDemand merchandise store transformation, the merchandise website of United Site Services, stands at the forefront of the portable toilet and temporary fence rental industry in the United States. Established in 1999, the company has become a national leader, serving diverse sectors such as construction, events, residential, government, and emergency services. The merch-selling business poses unique challenges, especially in the portable sanitation and equipment rental sector. Customers demand seamless order processing, customizable product features, and efficient website performance.


Objectives aimed to achieve the following objectives:

Increase Site Performance
Enhance website speed and responsiveness to provide a faster and smoother shopping experience.

Implement Order Approval Logic
Introduce order approval functionality to review and confirm orders made with cash or check payments, improving transaction security.

Select a Domain
Register a separate domain for the website to strengthen brand identity and accessibility.

Custom Product Building Features
Create custom product design features, allowing users to design their own business cards for Essential Site Services.

These objectives were vital to meeting customer expectations and enhancing the overall online shopping experience.



To address these challenges and objectives, opted for a Magento PWA (Progressive Web App) solution. Magento PWA leverages modern web technologies, providing a native app-like experience without downloading or installing.

Advantages of Magento PWA

  • Improved performance by optimizing data transfer and minimizing network usage.
  • Increased engagement with fast loading, offline access, and push notifications.
  • Enhanced user experience through responsive design and seamless navigation.
  • Reduced development and maintenance costs with a single codebase for all platforms.



The implementation process involved significant enhancements:

Website Rebuild and Security Upgrade
The site was rebuilt from scratch using the latest version of Magento, improving overall security and compliance.

Order Approval Process Enhancement
Zest Logic added a function to notify admin users of pending orders, improving order management efficiency.



Custom Logic Implementation

  • We rewrote the logic for top menus to display more than 15 categories, bypassing the PWA restrictions and accommodating the extensive product range.

  • Our team modified PWA logic to allow more than 3 levels of subcategories, aligning with the client's vision.


Custom Product Design Feature
We implemented a unique product design feature for business cards, enabling customers to personalize Essential Site Services designs with their information, such as name, title, address, phone numbers, and email.



Communication and Difficulties
The collaboration with the client involved ongoing communication to address additional requests and adapt to new circumstances. Difficulties such as menu limitations and subcategory levels were identified and resolved during the implementation phase.


Results achieved remarkable results:

  • Improved Security: The Magento update strengthened overall security and compliance.
  • Efficient Order Approval: Admin notifications streamlined order approval processes for cash or check payments.
  • Expanded Menu Functionality: Over 40 categories are now accessible, surpassing default limitations.
  • Flexible Subcategories: The logic rewrite allows for more than 3 levels of subcategories, aligning with the client's requirements.



This case study showcases the successful transformation of, aligning its online platform with cutting-edge technology to meet customer demands. The implementation of Magento PWA and custom enhancements has created a more engaging and personalized shopping experience. Readers interested in similar improvements are encouraged to explore how these solutions can elevate their e-commerce platforms.

For further information or inquiries, feel free to contact us.

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