Space merchandise store with Magento PWA.


Celestial Commerce: Axiom Space's Path to PWA Excellence, the official merchandise site of Axiom Space, a company founded in 2016, specializes in offering a diverse range of space-themed merchandise. While Axiom Space is dedicated to providing human spaceflight services and creating the world's first commercial space station, the online store focuses on providing enthusiasts with an array of space-related accessories, hats, gear, bags, shirts, and more.
The merchandise industry brings unique challenges, and Axiomspacegear sought to overcome them to enhance its online presence and customer experience.



Axiomspacegear aimed to address specific challenges in the space merchandise industry:

Performance Enhancement
Improve the website's performance to offer a seamless shopping experience.

Order Approval Logic
Implement a robust order approval process for orders made at the company's cost.

Single Sign-In Corporate Login
Integrate a single sign-in login logic for corporate customers.

Authorized Customer Checkout
Disable guest checkout, allowing only authorized customers to make purchases.




To meet these objectives, Axiomspacegear chose Magento PWA, a progressive web app solution known for its ability to deliver a native app-like experience and leverage the power of Magento.

Advantages of Magento PWA:

  • Fast and engaging online store experience.
  • Native app-like features, including offline access and push notifications.
  • Optimization of website speed, stability, and user experience.



The implementation process involved innovative solutions to meet Axiomspacegear's unique requirements:

Hybrid Solution for Checkout

  • Most store pages were built using PWA, while the checkout page utilized native Magento logic.
  • Implemented seamless data transfer between PWA and native Magento logic, ensuring a cohesive user experience.

Order Approval Process Enhancement
Introduced a function to notify responsible users of pending orders, streamlining the approval process.

Corporate Login Integration
Implemented single sign-in login logic, allowing corporate customers to use their corporate accounts for seamless transactions.


Authorized Customer Checkout
Disabled guest checkout, ensuring that only authorized customers could complete purchases.




Axiomspacegear achieved remarkable results:

Enhanced Performance: The website now offers improved speed, stability, and user experience.
Efficient Order Approval: The implemented function streamlined the order approval process.
Corporate Login Integration: Single sign-in logic facilitates seamless transactions for corporate customers.
Authorized Customer Checkout: Enhanced security and exclusivity with disabled guest checkout.

Axiomspacegear's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction is exemplified in the successful implementation of Magento PWA. The website overhaul has met and exceeded the outlined objectives, ensuring a stellar online shopping experience for the company's fans.

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