WooCommerce 5.8 and WooCommerce Blocks 6.1.0 are available!


This week WooCommerce team announced about two new releases. WooCommerce 5.8 and WooCommerce Blocks 6.1.0 became available. They contain some changes that may be useful for many owners of the stores based on this platform.

Changes in WooCommerce 5.8:

  • Added support for modified_before and modified_after fields in REST API for coupon, order, and product endpoints.
  • Added filter woocommerce_quantity_input_min_admin, which allows changing the minimum value for the product quantity selector in the order editor.
  • Added filter woocommerce_quantity_input_step_admin, which allows changing step value for product quantity selector in the order editor.
  • Changed filter woocommerce_order_actions, so order objects can be reached using callbacks via a second parameter.
  • Action Scheduler updated to 3.3.0
  • Resolved issues with dropdown fields, such as improper offsets and inputs not getting focus.
  • Resolved the issues with impact on featured products during quick editing.
  • Added individual item removal notices according to the context of the line item in the order.
  • Removed unneeded double whitespaces in texts.

The detailed changelog can be found here on GitHub.

Also, it is worth mentioning that the release contains potential breaking changes in the WooCommerce Admin package. A number of settings were removed from the wc_admin namespace and wc/data store, which may cause issues on some modifications or third-party apps integrating with the admin panel.

Changes in WooCommerce Blocks 6.1.0:

  • Bugfix for the dropdown list for nested categories in the Product Category list block. Now they have proper indentation for the cases when you need to display a few levels of nesting.
  • Bugfix for the All Products block string translations.
  • Bugfix for filter button alignment in Filter Products by Attribute block.
  • IntersectionObserver shim was removed due to dropping Internet Explorer 11 support.
  • Update for aria values in Filter By Price. Now they contain more precise information about the presented values.

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