Significant IKEA’s online sales growth.


On 14 October, the IKEA group shared their annual report containing facts and figures for the financial year, from 1 September to 31 August.

Due to the pandemics, the company had to make significant changes in its business. It was decided to stop issuing IKEA Catalogue in favor of focusing on omnichannel sales. Another reason to expand online sales was store closures which happened due to the pandemic. So, according to the company stats, IKEA’s online channels were visited more than five billion customers through the year. This led to significant growth of online sales by 73%. Currently, online sales account for 26% of overall sales even though most of the stores are re-opened. The company expects further growth of both online and offline components. According to the announced plans, they are going to open 17 new markets between the financial years 2019 and 2023.

Also, the report contains information about the increase in retail sales (41,9 billion Euro) and new stores around the world. The overall number of visitors to their stores this year is around 775 million. The number of employees reached 225 thousand. Also, IKEA keeps working on the transition to renewable energy. For now, according to the report, almost 90% of their industry is powered by renewable energy.

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