What can the diamond marketing strategies of the Barbie movie teach entrepreneurs?

Marketing strategies of the Barbie movie

It is a little strange why I, as a representative of an IT company, am writing about the movie "Barbie". What does this have to do with our business?

However, what I wrote about can be of great benefit and importance to entrepreneurs. After all, the marketing and PR preparation of the film "Barbie" was a brilliant campaign that brought success.

So what can the movie teach Barbie? Marketing.

Read on and get inspired with ideas for your project.



The film "Barbie" earned $ 155 million in its first weekend and became the highest-grossing debut of 2023.

“We have a pink unicorn here,” says Jeff Goldstein, the president of domestic distribution at Warner Bros. “We thought it would be $75 million for the opening weekend. Nobody saw $155 million coming. This doll has long legs.”

What is the secret? Of course, most people from different countries were waiting for the debut of this movie because of the story of Barbie itself, but even the most brilliant movie would not have been so successful if the team had not made an equally brilliant marketing campaign.

So, what can the marketing campaign of the Barbie movie teach entrepreneurs?

Barbie marketing strategies

  • Advertising Barbie is everywhere

The first thing to note is that the film's marketing and PR team used a multi-channel approach. That is, information about the film came through different communication channels for different target audiences, so information about the film did not escape almost anyone.

A lesson from this movie for entrepreneurs: Corporations need to do more research to reach out to different media to connect with their audience.

To effectively engage the audience, you need to look for different communication channels.

There is information that before the release of the film, the PR team of Barbie and the marketing team worked overtime to make us feel part of the world of Barbie and understand how important it is for us to see this film.

The creators of Barbie made it a point to collaborate with multicultural artists and use digital platforms to create an opportunity for diverse audiences to feel seen, represented, and included.

Such popularity and hype for this film are due to the fact that before the debut of Barbie, marketers did their best to create mania and strengthen the brand. Namely, they did it with the help of campaigns in social networks, affiliate marketing, and loyalty.

And let's start with credibility as a combination of marketing methods and technology.

  • The credibility effect

The right step was the integration of artificial intelligence in the advertising of the film because today this topic is of particular interest to society. The marketing team created a selfie generator that uses human facial features and brings it into the world of Barbie. The result is funny images that you want to share on social networks. This interactive approach attracted a wide audience, including young people, which was important to the brand, and contributed to the wild viral success. Thus, artificial intelligence will be used more actively in company advertisements.

  • Celebrating US multiculturalism through music

In a symphony of celebration, this film harmoniously champions multiculturalism with a captivating soundtrack, woven together through remarkable collaborations with talented Latino and black artists. The Instagram trailer for the film's musical masterpiece shines the spotlight on luminaries like the beloved Carole G, alongside the illustrious Lizzo and Nicki Minaj. This curated playlist becomes a resounding testament to Barbie's unwavering dedication to honoring and embracing the richness of diverse cultures.

  • Increasing influence through collaboration with thought leaders
  • Embracing the true essence of diversity, Barbie's path to inclusivity is paved by forming alliances with thought leaders who radiate and advocate for equality and diversity. One such luminous partnership graces the film's canvas, where the illustrious actress and producer, Issa Rae, joins forces with Barbie, leaving an indelible mark on this empowering journey. Furthermore, the film's cast mirrors the vibrant tapestry of today's multicultural world, reinforcing Barbie's commitment to representing the beauty of inclusivity.

    • Digital engagement and community building

    The film's marketing brilliance extends gracefully into the digital landscape, as Barbie weaves a powerful web of connection with a multicultural audience. Ingeniously leveraging the dynamic realm of social media, the brand's digital presence shines brightly, crafting targeted campaigns on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. The impact of these efforts reaches far and wide, as evidenced by a Google study that revealed an astounding 64% of respondents taking action upon encountering diverse and inclusive advertisements. Barbie's digital symphony resonates profoundly, uniting hearts and minds across the digital sphere.

    • Affiliate marketing with well-known brands

    Mattel, the brand's parent company, reportedly receives either a flat fee or 5-15% of sales for each collaboration.

    Barbie marketers have come to life not only through their own promotion channels but also through partner integrations, which now number over 100 with well-known global brands.

    Another reason, from a director's point of view, is that product introduction is becoming increasingly important to the overall profitability of a film. The increasing cost of film financing is why they invite brands to participate in the film.

    These include the X-Vox Console, Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt, OPI Nail Polish, Moon Oral Beauty Toothbrush Set, Ruggable Home Rug Collection, and more.

    Thus, the marketers of the movie "Barbie" received even more loyal target audiences of the brands with which they cooperated.

    Top 10 "Barbie" brand collaborations

    1. Barbie x Airbnb

    Barbie Airnbnb

    One of the most dazzling collaborations came from the company "Airbnb." They created a Barbie Dreamhouse, which guests can rent to experience a truly enchanting fairytale atmosphere.

    Starting from July 17th, fans will have the opportunity to apply for a one-night stay.

    2. Barbie x Burger King

    *Only in Brazil

    Barbie Burger King Collaboration

    Taking a truly unique step, Burger King Brazil immerses itself in the glamorous world of Barbie with an exclusive movie-inspired meal set to ignite excitement throughout the country.

    Get enchanted by the magical Pink Burger and the sensational Barbie's ShakeTM️ cocktail. This delightful combination promises to transport you to the enchanting world of Barbie.

    3. Barbie Tangle Teezer

    Barbie Tangel Teezer Collaboration

    Tangle Teezer has launched a sizzling hot pink detangling hairbrush that perfectly complements the Barbie Dreamhouse vibes.

    4. NYX x Barbie The Movie

    Nyx Barbie Collaboration

    Barbie's flawless makeup game always leaves us in awe, and it was only a matter of time before a makeup collection like this emerged. Enter NYX Cosmetics with their enchanting creation.

    5. Barbie x Crocs

    Barbie Crocs Collaboration

    For all you Barbie enthusiasts out there who dream of walking in her fabulous footsteps, brace yourselves for a mesmerizing collaboration between Crocs and the Barbie movie.

    6. Barbie Xbox

    Barbie Xbox collaboration

    Prepare yourselves for a thrilling competition, as gamers worldwide vie for the chance to own this coveted pink Xbox Series S console, setting the hearts of Barbie fans and gamers alike aflutter.

    7. Barbie Rollerskates by Impala Skate

    Barbie Rollerskates by Impala Skate

    Experience the glamour, excitement, and timeless appeal of roller skating in Barbie style. Fans will be able to write their own star story with these bright yellow skates.

    8. Barbie rugs by Ruggable

    Barbie rugs by Ruggable

    The brand demonstrated how it can help transform your living space into a real Barbie house.

    9. Funboy's Barbie pool float collection

    Funboy's Barbie pool float collection

    Unleash your creativity and let these fabulous floats transport you to a joyful environment.

    Bask in a magical atmosphere where the world of Barbie and reality intertwine, creating unforgettable adventures by the pool.

    10. Chi x Barbie

    Chi x Barbie

    Barbie fans can create an unforgettable look with bright pink hair tools. Now external transformations into desired images will become even more pleasant.


    New successful debuts in cinematography can teach entrepreneurs a lot. Especially if we consider the movie "Barbie," where one can realize many things about the power of marketing. After all, people's interest and desire to watch this film were created in advance. It's an effective strategy.

    Marketing is currently at the intersection of technology, utilizing artificial intelligence. Technologies are changing the world. Be bold and keep pace with technology. If you need technological updates for your eCommerce project, leave an application on our website, and we will get in touch with you for a detailed consultation.

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