Five of exciting capabilities recently released in Adobe Journey Optimizer

Five of exciting capabilities recently released in Adobe Journey Optimizer - Zest Logic

The Adobe Summit EMEA has recently unveiled a wave of exciting product announcements and innovations, and today, we're highlighting the five most noteworthy capabilities in Journey Optimizer, all available for use right now.

Content Experimentation (Release: May 2023)

Content experimentation in Journey Optimizer is a game-changer, enabling journey managers, growth marketers, product owners, and conversion rate optimizers to conduct A/B tests effortlessly. The feature empowers users to experiment with various content objects, such as email subject lines, message bodies, in-app experiences, and even entire web pages. Moreover, you can select from a range of direct or indirect engagement metrics, including email opens, clicks, page engagement, conversions, and revenue. To ensure informed decision-making, a comprehensive experimentation report with lift and confidence is readily accessible.

Mobile In-App Messaging (Release: March 2023)

The Mobile In-App Messaging channel is the way to go for those looking to enhance mobile app engagement. This feature is a powerful tool to guide users and boost product adoption. With an intuitive message authoring workflow, advanced trigger rules builder, and out-of-the-box reports, engaging users at the right time and place becomes easier. The Developer SDKs ensure seamless integration on iOS, Android, React Native, and Flutter platforms.

Website Engagement and Personalization (Release: April 2023)

The website is a vital communication and engagement channel, and now it can be fully personalized within Journey Optimizer. Integrating a web personalization editor allows marketers to easily create personalized web experiences using a common foundation of data, content, templates, offers, and assets shared across all channels. The visual designer enables one-to-one profile-based personalization and offers decisions, while the on-the-fly click tracking helps understand web engagement better.

Audience Creation and Management Experience (Release: July 2023)

Audiences are the core currency of an effective personalization strategy, and Adobe Experience Platform streamlines their creation and management. The centralized management experience provides a standardized audience object and repeatable patterns, allowing organizations to create, govern, and collaborate on audiences efficiently. Collect audiences from various sources, organize them with tags and folders, manage data usage, and upload audiences as CSV files. The simple multi-step workflow allows combining, excluding, or refining audiences.

Audience Composition Canvas (Release: July 2023)

Building on the Audiences framework, the new audience composition canvas enhances segmentation capabilities, offering richer audiences for personalization. The graphical, canvas-based approach allows marketers to interact visually with their audiences, combining or excluding cohorts in a step-by-step workflow. With the ability to rank profiles based on attributes like propensity scores, marketers can personalize content across diverse audiences more effectively.

What's Next?

Adobe Journey Optimizer's future looks exciting, as it embraces generative AI with upcoming features incorporating Adobe Sensei GenAI. These enhancements will impact experimentation, journey creation, use case templates, and productivity workflows, promising even more powerful and efficient customer engagement strategies. Stay tuned for these exciting developments and make the most of the recent capabilities in Adobe Journey Optimizer to elevate your customer experiences. Experience the innovation firsthand and take your marketing to new heights!

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