The most recent certification from Adobe is targeted at a larger audience.

The most recent certification from Adobe is targeted at a larger audience

Adobe has launched a new customer credential program designed for a much larger and more generalized audience.

Adobe Digital Learning Service (ADLS) is working on launching another customer credential program called ADLS Adobe Qualified Credential Program. It is being developed for marketers and business end-users regularly working with Adobe Products.

The first credential already launched is Adobe Qualified: Adobe Experience Manager Sites Content Author. It was developed for users who create and manage web pages for their organizations. 

Adobe has further plans to expand the program. Earlier all the certifications covered mainly the development and technical sides of the work with Adobe’s products. Now the company is going to cover a wider field of specialization. They are currently working on another credential - Adobe Qualified: Adobe Analytics Data Analyst. Also, the company mentioned that they’re working on credentials for Adobe Target, Adobe Campaign, and Adobe Marketo Engage areas.

The company emphasizes that the program is designed to help validate the person’s skills and knowledge and increase the adoption speed of Adobe solutions.

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