Magento 2: 6 ways to increase sales

Magento 2: 6 ways to increase sales - Zest Logic

Do you use Magento 2 for your online store?

Could you just be planning to do this? If you're looking for ways to increase your sales, read this article where we talk about 6 extensions that will help you reach your sales and revenue goals.

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Here are 6 Magento 2 tools to help you sell more

Choosing the right extension for your site can prove to be overwhelming. In order to help you overcome the confusion, we have created a list of 6 Magento 2 extensions.

1. Cross-sell, upsell products for Magento 2

The seller cross-sells by recommending additional products to those they already bought or are planning to buy. You can get more income and also increase the average check if you don't forget about cross-selling and building the right sales strategy.

Magento 2 already has cross-selling. But you'll need to spend a lot of time and do a lot of manual work. Use the Magento 2 Related Products extension to not lose out on cross-selling opportunities.

When you buy this extension for your Magento 2 store, products will be offered to potential buyers based on narrowly adjusted data, increasing the chances of reaching your target audience. There are also analytical indicators you can follow.

More information here: related products                      

2. Custom contact forms

Do you know that most customers don't make purchases in stores and prefer other companies because of inconvenient communication forms on the website and navigation? Create an intuitively convenient form of communication on your website to keep potential customers happy. It should be easy for potential buyers to contact you. For this, you can also use the custom contact forms extension for Magento 2.

More information here: contact forms

3. Magento 2 Google Analytics extension

The best way to understand whether you're developing your store in the right direction is to get accurate analytics. By analyzing the data periodically, you can draw conclusions for yourself and devise a plan to get the desired results. You can track your store's traffic and conversions with Google Analytics. Easily integrate this free extension to progress your online store.

More information here: connect google analytics

4. Magento 2 special promotions

In order to properly build a sales strategy, you need to think about marketing as well. In order to interest potential buyers, you need to think through various marketing technics, including various systems of promotions and discounts.

The special promotion for Magento 2 extension can help you with this. It will allow you to create 15 rules for the promotion of products of different values. The extension helps you create multiple campaigns and run them simultaneously. Thanks to the smart filter options, you can be sure that discounts only apply to selected products, and unique products are not taken into account. The extension has customizable widgets to add banner ads anywhere in your store.

More information here: Magento 2 special promotions

5. Magento search and discovery by Algolia

Having a good navigation and search system on your site is important. You might lose potential customers if this functionality isn't set up correctly.

Algolia's Magento search and discovery extension keep you competitive.

Your customers will see the most relevant search results once you start using this extension. Among its features are autocomplete and instant search. Additionally, you get a visual dashboard that prioritizes results based on popularity, discounts, and shipping weight.

More information here: Algolia for Magento 2

6. Abandoned cart in Magento 2

If a visitor to your website leaves a product in the cart but doesn't pay for it, that customer is still more likely to become a customer than one who hasn't even found your store.

On the basis of statistical data, it can be assumed that customers who leave goods in their cart want and can buy them, but often expect additional discounts, better prices from other companies, etc. You might be able to turn such a potential customer into a buyer, but you need to follow up and persuade him. With this expansion, you can get data on abandoned carts, develop a successful sales strategy, see what needs to be changed to the checkout process, make it easier and more convenient, and create a personal communication platform for your customers.

More information here: Magento open source and Adobe Commerce


Online store owners still have to worry about sales. Markets and consumer behavior change a lot. To grow sales, develop, and scale the business, it's essential to constantly look for new opportunities and resources. In this article, we've listed 6 Magento 2 tools to help you succeed.

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