The majority of online customers check reviews before purchase.


Recently Stripe published results of the analysis of the top 800 eCommerce websites performed in such European countries as France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. According to the results, more than 90% of the websites had checkout issues.

The results were prepared based on data from 1250 respondents and allow us to see how critical are the reviews. The major part of the shoppers check reviews for everything they buy. Other respondents mentioned that they read reviews for items that cost more than $20 only (13%), more than $100 only (19%), and more than $1000 only (6%). And a tiny number of customers (5%) mentioned that they do not check reviews. Even if the data is divided by age, gender, income level, and other demographic factors, the numbers are comparable. It proves that the more expensive goods are sold, the more important the reviews are.

Also, according to the results, reviews are the most crucial factor for internet shopping for 26% of customers. Other important things are free shipping (22%), discounts (20%), and quick delivery (18%).

However, it is not really required to have a ton of feedback for each item. Just 27% of customers make sure to check more than ten reviews. 40% of them need only 4 to 9 comments, and 21% need just 3. 

As for selectivity - 35% of clients just scan through everything they see. However, it is unclear whether this method is the most convenient or allows seeing some kind of average feedback. Around 20% of the shoppers check only the best records, while 18% read both the best and worst.

Unlike the information for items, the more ratings the business itself has, the better. 19% of respondents need more than 1000 reviews for the company to be considered trustworthy, 39% are satisfied with 100 to 999 ratings, and 25% require less than 100.

Also, most of the customers tend to trust the reviews. They believe that the actual buyers post 86% of positive and 73% of negative feedback. 

So, according to this data, it is essential to care about this part of relations with customers since satisfied clients may indirectly create more and more orders.

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