Online sales of the top 1000 North American retailers crossed 1 trillion USD in 2021.


According to the database released by DigitalCommerce 360, the collective sales of the top 1000 retailers from the United States of America, Canada, and Mexico, reached 1.01 trillion US dollars in 2021. The growth last year reached 15.7% compared to 2020.

The growth was different for different merchant types. For example, the largest growth experienced consumer brand manufacturers - 20.1%. Slightly less - web-only sellers - 17.7%. Retail chains' growth was 11.5%, and the least numbers showed direct marketers - 9.1%.

The fastest developing industries in 2021 were jewelry, with sales increased by 24.1%, sporting goods (23.1%), and gifts and flowers (22.5%).

The top 10 online retailers led by Amazon contributed the most to this new record.

Online sales and growth of top 10 retailers in 2021.

Rank Company Online sales in 2021 (in billions USD) Growth (percent)
1 Inc. 357.21 17.9
2 Walmart Inc. 73.20 12.8
3 Apple Inc. 72.43 14.1
4 The Home Depot Inc. 20.71 8.9
5 Target Corp. 19.77 19.5
6 Best Buy Co. Inc. 16.43 -12.0
7 Wayfair Inc. 13.71 -3.1
8 The Kroger Co. 13.49 -3.2
9 Costco Wholesale Corp. 13.44 37.3
10 Nike Inc. 10.83 19.0

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