Laravel crosses 150 million downloads.


Stats on show that downloads of open-source, free PHP web framework Laravel crossed 150 million overall installs. The data is tracked since January 2013, so the total number of downloads may be slightly bigger because the initial release of this framework became available back in June 2011. So, the stats of the three initial major releases are unaccounted for.

As for others - the most popular one, for now, is 8.x. According to the stats, the monthly averaged downloads of this version reach about 80 000 per day and are constantly growing. Now it is the most popular major version. The previous record, set by 5.x more than two years ago, in July 2019 (around 74 300 downloads per day), was beaten only in June 2021. The most popular releases in August include 8.53 (average 12.8 thousand downloads), 8.54 (11.5 thousand), and 8.55 (10.5 thousand). 

We are glad to see Laravel reaching another milestone. Rolling average number of downloads of the framework for the last 24 hours at the moment this article was created hit more than 120 thousand. So there is another reason to expect a new record.

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