Adobe Commerce Support Knowledge Base is open for contribution.


Adobe Commerce recently enabled the ability to improve their knowledge base, leading to better support coverage, improved articles, and more detailed explanations.

The changes can be made through a GitHub account. The workflow is quite simple. First of all, you need to have your own GitHub account with Two-Factor Authentication enabled. Also, signing the Adobe Contributor License is required. Then you can fork magento/knowledge-base repository from GitHub, create a new branch in your fork, apply the changes according to the guidelines, push the changes into your fork and then create a pull request on the Knowledge Base repository.

The changes will be reviewed by the KB writers and subject matter experts and approved or declined, depending on their decision. Authors of the accepted changes will earn Contribution Points and achievements to display how important they were. You may learn more about the contribution here.

Also, it is highly recommended to follow specific guidelines to keep the knowledgebase more structured, such as:

  • review existing pull requests and issues (the work you’re going to do might be already done);
  • discuss significant changes with the Adobe team first by creating an issue on GitHub;
  • use Markdown with proper formatting for the articles;
  • follow the standard style recommendations;
  • use article templates for newly created articles;
  • keep appropriate file structure and names;
  • test the changes for linting errors (an automated tool is available).

The complete guide is available in the Knowledge Base repository, so you can learn more and add the desired changes.

Hopefully, this step will make the whole Magento ecosystem easier for everyone to learn. This may help cover things that seem obvious for professionals but are hard to understand for beginners.

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