Adobe unveils new changes in the upcoming release.

Adobe unveils new changes in the upcoming release

This week Adobe posted some more information about the upcoming release of Adobe Commerce, which is planned to be released in June. The new version includes Buy Online Pick Up In-Store (BOPIS) functionality, channel manager, and more.

BOPIS functionality is going to be based on the store fulfillment by Walmart. The customers will be able to select the most convenient store pickup option. And on the warehouse side, the store employees can use the Store Fulfillment mobile app to handle the order better.

Another critical change is Channel manager - a free extension for merchants in the United States of America. The app has such features as item matching, inventory management, pricing updates, order management, shipping management, and cancellation handling. It allows the integration of the store’s online catalog with the Walmart Marketplace. However, some fees might apply.

Also, the new release starts the beta program for API mesh. Its goal is to combine multiple data sources into one unified layer. It means easier integrating content, inventory, search, and other applications. Hopefully, we’ll hear more about this soon.

Also, Product Recommendations will receive a readiness indicator. It will help the merchants to understand when a recommendation unit can be deployed.

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