Adobe specialization badges.


Everyone who works with Magento knows about Adobe Expert certifications, and such experts are available in different branches, such as Developers, Architects, Business Practitioners, and much more. Another level of recognition from Adobe that confirms the validation of the skills of the whole company is receiving a specialized partner badge. Once all the requirements are met, the company can show the specialized stripe in Adobe’s Partner Directory profile use it in marketing campaigns and on their website.

This badge is also helpful for the clients who seek professionals to get the job done for their projects. Such recognition shows that the company not only has enough specialists but confirms that they can work as a team because one of the requirements to get the Specialization status is to deliver high-quality solutions and verify that company is still able to do it upon renewal (feedback from three customers initially and at least two customer references every two years).

Also, it is crucial to notice that geography should be taken into account. Specialization is granted for the particular region only (Americas (North America and LATAM), Europe, Middle East and Latin America (EMEA), Asian Pacific (APAC), and Japan). That was done to ensure that it would be more convenient to communicate with the partner regarding the project. Global Specialization is available only for Adobe Platinum Partners, who met requirements in at least three of the regions. 

There are different Adobe Specializations:

  • Adobe Analytics
  • Adobe Advertising
  • Adobe Audience Manager
  • Adobe Campaign Classic & Standard
  • Adobe Experience Manager - Sites
  • Adobe Experience Manager - Forms
  • Adobe Experience Manager – Sites Run & Operate 
  • Adobe Target
  • Adobe Commerce
  • Marketo Engage
  • Adobe Workfront

They all have different requirements for certified specialists, ensuring that the team has all the necessary qualifications to fulfill their needs. For example, to get the Adobe Analytics Specialization badge, the company must have at least six certified business practitioners, three certified developers, one certified master architect, and two sales accreditations. And Adobe Commerce Specialization requires three certified business practitioners, three certified developers, two certified cloud developers, two certified frontend developers, one certified JavaScript developer, and one certified master architect.

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