60% of US customers prefer to use BNPL with their existing credit card.


According to the survey published by Splitit, around 60% of US consumers are inclined to use a BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) option with their existing credit card, compared to opening a new credit line.

The survey also showed that credit card perks (cashback, points, etc.) are essential for customers, as 83 percent of respondents confirmed. Even more - 48 percent stated that it is the main reason to use the credit card. So no wonder that so many customers would like to keep using their card as stated above.

The rest of the published results also show some other curious findings, such as:

  • 83% stated that they are happy with their cards;
  • 71% think that credit cards are part of healthy use of personal finances;
  • 69% would like to have a lower interest rate to use the cards more often;
  • 63% would like to have smaller and interest-free installments.

By the way, installments affect the way the card is used. For example:

  • 60% of customers are inclined to think that four or fewer payments are suitable for orders cheaper than $300;
  • 66% of customers need more than four transactions for orders more than $500;
  • and 75% of customers would like to get more than four payments for orders that cost $1000 and more.

Also many customers are going to use BNPL option in the future. The desired purchases include:

  • home improvement - 66%;
  • furnishings - 63%;
  • healthcare - 62%;
  • car repair and accessories - 61%;
  • travelling - 56%;
  • jewellery - 51%.

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