WooCommerce 6.5 became available.


This week two new versions of WooCommerce were released. 6.5.0 was released on the 10th of May, and the very next day, 6.5.1 became available with two fixes.

The update contains significant changes. However, it still preserves backward compatibility with the previous versions. The most important things in 6.5.0 are:

  • WooCommerce Blocks plugin was updated to 7.4.3;
  • The Approved Download Directories feature was introduced. It allows to have more control over product downloads;
  • WooCommerce Admin was merged into Core, so the feature plugin was deprecated.

As for the last feature, here is the list of the directories that were affected by WooCommerce admin merge:

    packages/woocommerce-admin/src -> src/Admin

    packages/woocommerce-admin/src-internal -> src/Internal

    packages/woocommerce-admin/includes -> includes/react-admin

    packages/woocommerce-admin/dist -> assets/client/admin

    packages/woocommerce-admin/images -> assets/images

Also, the list of updates in 6.5.0 contains over 50 minor changes, which shouldn’t cause compatibility issues on the existing installations. However, it is still recommended to make a backup before updating.

As for the next update released on the 11th of May - it contains only two hotfixes - specified maximum index size for the URL column in the Download Directories table and resolved conflict with older WooCommerce Admin versions caused by FeaturePlugin class.

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