WooCommerce 6.0 became available.


A new major release of WooCommerce became available yesterday, on the 15th of December. Initially, the scheduled date was the 14th of December, but due to the changes in the internal processes, the date was changed. The developers say that it allowed them to perform more testing, and they do not expect any delays for further releases.

The update contains new versions of WooCommerce Blocks (6.3.4) and WooCommerce Admin (2.9.2). Also, the developers removed the need for a code snippet to show product attribute filters and created a new table woocommerce_rate_limits to store rate limit entries to improve the performance.

The release contains two new actions: 

woocommerce_product_options_shipping_product_data - action after the shipping options in the product data metabox;

woocommerce_after_variations_table - action after the variations table on the add-to-cart form.

and two filters:

woocommerce_quantity_input_autocomplete, which applies to the “autocomplete” attribute for quantity inputs;

woocommerce_has_block_template, which applies to the return value of the block template check.

Additional changes were made to the templates. For example, the generated password was removed and replaced with a password reset link in the templates templates/emails/customer-new-account.php and templates/emails/plain/customer-new-account.php. In addition, the template templates/myaccount/form-login.php now contains text that the password reset link will be sent to the customer instead of the password itself, as it was before.

The changes are expected to be compatible with the previous versions, so the update shouldn’t cause any issues. However, making a backup prior to the update is still strongly recommended.

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