Upcoming eCommerce events - Summer 2021

eCommerce events 2021

The summer has begun. Many people love summer because of vacations, warm weather, and interesting events that are held around the world. We are going to tell you about some which are related to eCommerce.

Seamless Asia

Where: Online

When: 16-17 June 2021

The conference will cover different topics in six key channels – payments innovation, banking, financial inclusion, eCommerce marketing, eCommerce strategies, and online payments, so it may be useful for a wide range of professionals. The online format is an extra bonus for people who still encounter pandemic restrictions.

NRF Retail Converge

Where: Online

When: 21-25 June 2021

Another great online event with literally hundreds of sessions in different branches, such as loss prevention, retail tech, logistics, cybersecurity, marketing, customer experience, store operations, corporate strategy, and much more. Free passes available.

The Richmond Retail & eCommerce Directors' Forum

Where: Sutton Coldfield, UK

When: 22 June 2021

The 12th forum is going to gather about 180 senior retailers and 75 retail service providers. The purpose of the event is to create lasting business relationships and new connections. The conference includes new case studies, critical issues reviews, and forming long-term strategies.

Grow New York

Where: New York, USA

When: 22-23 June 2021

A special event dedicated to forming new connections between over 600 direct-to-customer and online brands. Some experts call it one of the fastest-growing retail events in North America.

CommerceNOW 2021 

Where: Online

When: 23-24 June 2021

One more online event is available for many people around the world with participants from more than 140 countries. This is a great chance to set up new connections, share thoughts and learn something new during more than 12 sessions.

Ecom World

Where: Online

When: 28-29 June 2021

A really large event with over 15 000 attendees, 3000 brands, and more than 80 speakers. The topics include sourcing products, fulfillment, business operations, store design, marketplaces, selling on Amazon, brand building, advertisements, marketing, and much more.

ICMECG – International Conference on Management of e-Commerce and e-Government

Where:  Jeju Island, South Korea

When: 4-6 July 2021

This is the 8th annual event that provides a platform for practitioners, researchers, and policymakers from many countries to share their experiences and ideas. The conference is going to be available online and many materials will be published, so this is another great opportunity for enthusiasts around the world. 

The Webvinkel Vakdagen Summer edition

Where: Utrecht, Netherlands

When: 7-8 July 2021

One of the important meeting platforms in the eCommerce sector with an extensive programme. Exhibitions, case studies, and trend discussions will take part in eight lecture halls. Wide variety of topics, such as marketing, user experience, hosting, design, strategies, logistics, and much more.

iMedia Online Retail Summit: Pure Play

Where: Gold Coast, Australia

When: 12-14 July 2021

A new event for Australian Pure Play online retailers. As you may be aware, the term Pure Play describes a company that is focused on only one line of business – for example, one particular product type. The event discovers new strategies for the Pure Play retail, insights on innovations, business opportunities, and much more.

Prosper Show

Where: Las Vegas, USA

When: 13-15 July 2021

An event set up for established Amazon sellers. The conference will cover numerous topics and will help to learn how to make your business more profitable and scale it more efficiently. The conference features multiple former Amazon insiders.

Savant reConnect London

Where: London, UK

When: 19 July 2021

It is going to be the first event of the series which may be useful for all eCommerce sectors. The participants will be able to learn more about British companies which kept staying innovative and profitable despite all the challenges that arose last year. Over 50 retailers and brands, including Cartier, Samsung, PepsiCo, Nike, Philips, Adidas, and other well-known eCommerce players will be involved. However, media companies and journalists are not allowed.

Online Retailer Conference & Expo

Where: Sydney, Australia

When: 21-22 July 2021

One more big eCommerce event with over 2 600 participants, 110 speakers, and 120 exhibitors. Great opportunity to improve your B2B workflows, learn how to increase offline sales, improve customer experience and retail culture.

Midwest E-Com Conference 2021

Where: Minneapolis, USA

When: 23-24 July 2021

The 8th annual event is going to be the most filled with content among the series. It is most suitable for the sellers on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and other platforms. The participants will learn new marketing tactics and get some tips on how to grow their businesses.

Internet Commerce Summit

Where: Bengaluru, India

When: 4–5 August 2021

The largest eCommerce summit in India. Over 1000 delegates from around the world will attend to more than 100 speakers. The topics include marketing & channels, omni-commerce, society & culture, and much more.

Ecommerce Operations Summit

Where: Nashville, USA

When: 17-18 August 2021

The conference is dedicated exclusively to fulfillment, direct-to-customer, and omnichannel operations. This annual event will present a wide variety of topics to make your customers happier by increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and streamlining the processes.

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