The Top 10 Questions to ask before hiring a Magento Development Company

The Top 10 Questions to ask before hiring a Magento Development Company

This is a good choice if you have already decided to use the Magento platform for your project.
However, since you have decided only on the platform, your search for an agency is just beginning.
Our aim in this article is to provide you with some tips on selecting a Magento agency that will meet your needs and avoid making a mistake.

  • Do the agencies you're considering cooperating with have a good online reputation?
  • The Top 10 Questions to ask before hiring a Magento Development Company

    You should start by visiting rated profile sites if you're just starting out looking for Magento agencies.

     For example, rating platforms such as:

    These platforms let you check out real customer reviews and learn more about the companies you're interested in.

    There will be information about the prices of services available and you will be able to compare them with those of competitors.

    Consider their customers' feedback in addition to the basic information about the activities of the companies among which you will select your technical partner.

    How do customers rate a certain company? What did they appreciate most about the collaboration on the last project? How was the cooperation process built?

    Compared to the information about the companies on your list and reviews, you'll be able to tell who's more suitable for you and already continue communicating exclusively with several leaders on your list.

    • Analyze the case studies of the agencies that you liked the most. Do they have tasks and problems that will need to be worked on in your project?
    The Top 10 Questions to ask before hiring a Magento Development Company

    Go to the website of the companies you liked the most and analyze the Case Studies they already have in their portfolio. What tasks and problems did they solve in previous projects? How was the teamwork process built? View several case studies to finally understand which companies you want to consider further for potential cooperation.

    • What is the experience of the agencies you are considering?
    The Top 10 Questions to ask before hiring a Magento Development Company

    I think that there is no need to explain how important this indicator is for starting cooperation with the agency. After all, work experience will depend on how skillfully, quickly, and professionally your technological partners will solve your project's tasks and problems and how effective they will offer ideas for your project.

    Check how long the company has been in the IT services market (it's nice if this can be confirmed) and how much experience the developers in the teams have.

    • What documents confirm the expertise of the company and the personal expertise of the developers?
    The Top 10 Questions to ask before hiring a Magento Development Company

    Official certification is the best confirmation of expertise and skills.

    The Magento certification program recognizes developers, system administrators, and solution specialists proficient in Magento Commerce or Magento Open Source.

    Magento's certification program tests candidates' knowledge and skills in different areas of Magento development, including front-end development and back-end development.

    Magento offers three levels of certification:

    • Magento Certified Developer. Certification is for Magento developers who can code, customize, and develop Magento modules.
    • Magento Certified Solution Specialist. This certification is for professionals who manage and implement Magento projects. Specialists are experts at optimizing Magento applications, managing customers, and analyzing business needs.
    • Magento Certified Professional Developer. It's for developers who can customize themes, build custom modules, and integrate Magento with third-party apps.

    The top level is a partnership with Magento.

    Certificates like this are usually owned by the company that offers the service. 

    A Magento Silver Partner is something we're proud of.

    Send us a request on our website if you are seeking technology partners. We will demonstrate our expertise to you.

    • What is the pricing policy of the agencies that offer their services?
    The Top 10 Questions to ask before hiring a Magento Development Company

    Magento development pricing varies based on the specific requirements of the project and the level of experience and expertise of the development team. So make sure you do thorough research, compare prices and offers of different Magento development agencies, and choose the one that gives you the best value.

  • What is the Magento security policy of the agencies you are considering for cooperation?

  • The Top 10 Questions to ask before hiring a Magento Development Company


    Magento agencies should take a proactive approach to data security and implement robust security measures to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access and misuse. They should also regularly review and update their security measures to address any new security threats or vulnerabilities.

    Ensure the Magento agency you choose has an effective data security program by checking for security certifications, reviewing security policies, and conducting a security audit.

    • Does the Magento agency offer support after project deployment?
    The Top 10 Questions to ask before hiring a Magento Development Company

    A good Magento support team is essential to improving your store's performance and user experience. Magento development companies should have 24/7 support and constant service.

    If you are considering working with a Magento partner, be sure to ask them about this.

    • Are you comfortable communicating with them?
    The Top 10 Questions to ask before hiring a Magento Development Company

    Keep in mind that it is important not only the result but also the process of cooperation. The company you have chosen will need you to communicate with its specialists for at least several months.

    It's important to feel comfortable communicating with them.

    You should talk with the team member of companies you're considering for future collaborations on your list of leaders.

     Take a look at their communication skills. Are they really interested in solving your problem? Do you have any conflicts? Do you feel trust in specialists?

    Successful implementation of your e-commerce project depends greatly on effective communication.

    • Did your potential partners send a brief after the communication?

    The Top 10 Questions to ask before hiring a Magento Development Company

    When you have discussed your needs with agencies you like, they should become interested in working with you. During your communication, you should pay attention to whether they ask you a lot of questions. 

    Magento agencies should thoroughly understand your organization, what you offer, and who your target audience is. This is the best way to understand your business project.

    Ideally, they'll send you a brief to fill out.

    When a company doesn't seem interested in getting to know your project in-depth and doesn't give you a brief to fill out, it's better not to work with them.

    It is important to make sure that you select only this agency that is interested in providing you with effective results rather than just getting paid.

  • Have you learned from enough agencies to choose the best one?
  • The Top 10 Questions to ask before hiring a Magento Development Company

    Feel free to contact as many agencies as you can. Make appointments, ask a lot of questions, and conduct market research.

    As the client, select the best agency on the market for your project. 

    Big Brands using Magento

    If you want to select the ideal Magento partners, don't be afraid of the long process. Ultimately, it is worth the effort.

    It's well-known and large brands that have chosen Magento for their eCommerce projects confirm that it's a good choice.

    Let them become a motivation for you that you made the right choice.


    Selecting a Magento partner may seem complicated, but it's an important decision for any business looking to build or improve its eCommerce project.

    Choosing a qualified and experienced partner who fits your culture will minimize risks, maximize ROI, and ensure long-term success.

    If you are interested in a reliable Magento partnership, you can leave your contact and our expert will consult you.

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