The Russian invasion of Ukraine. Genocide in the Kyiv region.


At the end of the last week, the Ukrainian army liberated all the territories near Kyiv, previously occupied by the Russian army. The scenes of the Russian crimes shocked the whole world. The invaders were deliberately killing civilian people. Many bodies were found scattered around the streets, some of them - with their hands tied behind their backs, pointing at an organized killing. The invaders tried to burn the bodies to hide the crime evidence. The exact numbers are still to be revealed. Only on the first day after the liberation of Bucha, a small satellite town of Kyiv the local authorities collected 280 bodies and bury them in mass graves. But that’s not all. Many corpses are not collected yet, and there are other mass graves. For example, the one dug in March near a local church is visible on the satellite images.

All those evidence has prompted calls for war crime probes, and the International Criminal Court was already asked to visit the mass graves so that the experts can gather evidence of Russian war crimes.

It is important not to let Russia cover up its involvement using cynical disinformation. Here are some links that show images taken in the Kyiv region soon after Russian troops were expelled. The photos may be disturbing due to graphic content, including human bodies.

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