The new version of Adobe Commerce will become available tomorrow!

The new version of Adobe Commerce

Adobe is making the last preparations before releasing version 2.4.6 of its popular e-commerce platform. This updated version comes with several security fixes, performance improvements, and bug fixes to ensure the reliability of your e-commerce website. The update contains numerous updates, including modifications that are backward-incompatible.

It is worth mentioning that Adobe changed its support terms since this release, as we wrote about it earlier. From now on, the security patches will be available for three years since the release becomes publicly available.

The changes in this update include compatibility with PHP 8.2 and continued support of PHP 8.1. However, support for the older PHP version 7.4 will be dropped, so you’ll have to consider this when planning the update.

The update includes such long-awaited features as limiting the number of products in the admin panel grid. The minimum value for this parameter is 20 000.

Also, the new version improves accessibility for users with special needs, such as descriptive names for the buttons on the front end and support for keyboard-only mode.

A new option for the site search will be included in this release - OpenSearch. It is targeted to replace ElasticSearch. But to introduce this change, the developers had to make some changes in the code. One of them is the removal of the ConnectionManager virtual type. This change breaks backward compatibility, so if your store has any extensions that depend on it, you may need to postpone the update until the module developers implement a workaround.

Another example of change that may cause issues is the change of some libraries and third-party components used by the system. For example, Zend_Filter is being replaced with laminas-filter, Zend_HTTP - with laminas-http, and Zend_Validate - with laminas-validator.

In summary, the release of Magento 2.4.6 is a significant update that brings several substantial improvements to the e-commerce platform. This update offers several benefits for Magento users, but still, you need to be careful when updating your store. Making backups and carefully planning the transition is recommended.

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