The latest version of Laravel will become available this week!

The latest version of Laravel

The 10th major release of the popular open-source, free PHP web framework Laravel is scheduled to become available this week.

Starting from Laravel 9, the company changed the update release schedule. Two years ago, new versions were becoming available every six months. But at the beginning of 2021, the plans were reviewed. Taylor Otwell announced that Laravel will be updated once every year now. The goal of the change was to make keeping the systems up-to-date much more effortless, considering that this framework is very popular and many developers rely on it.

The pre-release preparations started a long time ago, including announcing the Bug Hunt contest with a $1000 prize a month ago. Also, the list of changes was known about two months ago. So, according to the tweet from Laravel News, the latest update will arrive this week.

The changes in the new version of Laravel include numerous features:

Process Facade - a new layer that was created to simplify testing and development using a command line interface. 

The new –profile option. It was created to detect slow tests in your Laravel application. You will be able to detect them and either fix them or at least avoid launching them all simultaneously.

Native type declarations. All the code generated by the framework will have hints regarding the used and return types. And this feature was designed to keep backward compatibility with the previous framework versions.

However, the changes that will affect compatibility are still present. One of them is compatibility with PHP 8.1. Laravel 10 drops support for PHP 8.0, meaning that the projects using this framework will also be forced to upgrade to the PHP version.

In addition, the methods marked as deprecated in Laravel 9 will be removed entirely in the new update, possibly causing failures in some old projects.

And, as was mentioned earlier, the new version that brings all those changes will be released this week. However, the exact date is still unknown and is subject to change, as it happened earlier.

For example, the release date of Laravel 9.0 was moved from September 2021 to January 2022. Then once again - to February. Laravel 10 was initially scheduled for the 8th of February, but the date was already changed. However, even despite the delays, you shouldn’t worry. The 9th version will continue getting bug fixes until the 8th of August 2023 and security fixes until the 6th of February 2024.

We understand that such delays may cause frustration. This is why getting the job done timely is one of our top priorities. Our team can help you keep your site up to date, optimize performance, integrate with third-party solutions, provide extension updates, and so on! Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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