Shopify App Store: what is it?

Shopify App Store: what is it?

The Shopify App Store is an online marketplace that offers a variety of apps and integrations designed to help Shopify merchants improve their online stores.

The App Store includes both free and paid apps that can be installed directly into a merchant's Shopify store to add new features, streamline operations, and improve the customer experience.

The programs cover various aspects of eCommerce such as marketing, customer support, inventory management, shipping, and more. The App Store is an integral part of the Shopify ecosystem, giving sellers access to a wide range of tools to help them grow their business.

Top 10 Best Shopify Apps That can help to Improve and grow your online store

Providing excellent customer service and resolving customer queries promptly are crucial to the success of any online store. Research shows that customers with a positive experience with a store's support team are four times more likely to make repeat purchases. Gorgias is an app that simplifies this process by centralizing all support requests, making it easy to identify and prioritize tasks that need attention.


  • Automated support
  • Ready-made templates with customer data
  • Centralized customer tickets


  • Seven days free trial

Basic Plan: $60/month, Pro Plan: $300/month, Advanced Plan: $750/month.

2. AfterShip Order Tracking

Aftership Shopify Store App

Efficiently tracking orders is crucial for Shopify merchants due to the high volume of orders they receive. The AfterShip Order Tracking & SMS app simplifies this process by enabling merchants to track their orders immediately upon dispatch. Additionally, customers can receive regular updates on their orders.


  • Analytics. The app can analyze shipping results to provide valuable insights.
  • Automated tracking. Merchants can send alerts to different couriers.
  • Exclusive website tracking page. The tracking systems page uses a unique website tracking page.


  •  14 days free trial
  •  Basic plan: $5.99/month, Professional plan: $14.99/month, Premium plan: $44.99/month, Enterprise plan: $119.99/month.

3. Privy 

Privy Shopify App store

Privy is an email marketing app that can assist you in sending promotional emails to potential customers. With a variety of email templates, the app can automate the email campaign process and distribute newsletters.


  • Automated split testing
  • Automated email marketing
  • Integration with coupon codes


7 days free trial

Free for the Basic Plan, $9.99/month for the Starter Plan, $19.99/month for the Premium Plan, and $29.99/month for the Business Plan.

4. Zendesk

Zendesk App Shopify Store

Maintaining strong customer relationships is crucial for any business to thrive. With the Zendesk app, merchants can effectively manage and track customer inquiries, while customers can easily access existing tickets to find solutions to recurring issues.


  • Live chat embedding
  • Ticketing system for efficient query management
  • Knowledge base for easy access to information


  • Installation is free, but a subscription to one of Zendesk's suite programs is required.
  • Suite Team: $49/month, Suite Growth: $79/month, Suite Professional: $99/month, Suite Enterprise: $150/month.

5. Frequently Bought Together

Frequently Bought Together

When it comes to displaying additional products and boosting profits through cross-selling and upselling, Frequently Bought Together is an excellent option. Doing this manually can be time-consuming, which is why using an app is recommended.

Frequently Bought Together is simple to set up since it uses codes to determine which products are commonly purchased together. Customers can also remove options included in a specific bundle and explore other variations on offer.

Key features include:

  • Display of ratings for recommended products
  • Option to proceed directly to the checkout page
  • Ability to apply discounts to cross-promoted products to improve conversions


  • Free plan available
  • 30-day free trial offered

 6. Instafeed ‑ Instagram Feed

Instafeed Shopify App Store

For seamless Instagram integration, Instafeed is the app of choice. Social media accounts are a vital tool for expanding the reach and enhancing social proof for your Shopify website, and setting up an Instagram account is one way to achieve this. Instafeed simplifies the integration of your Instagram account with your store.

This feature-packed app offers basic features such as grid and slider layouts, as well as advanced features like shoppable feeds.

Key features include:

  • Compatibility with all devices and themes
  • Support for both videos and images
  • Posts that automatically respond to desktop and mobile devices


  • Free plan available
  • 14-day free trial offered

The pricing model ranges from free for up to 250 contacts to $20/month for up to 500 contacts.

7. Plug In SEO

Plug in SEO Shopify App Store

Optimizing your Shopify store for search engine rankings extends beyond Google's search results. To increase your chances of ranking well, optimizing titles, links, keywords, and other relevant features is essential. The Plug-in SEO app offers assistance with this by identifying issues that may affect your ranking, including descriptions, page titles, speed, and more.

Key features include:

  • JSON-LD schema markup for rich snippets
  • Templates for bulk editing of meta titles and descriptions
  • A keyword tool for tracking top-performing keywords


  • Free plan available
  • 14-day free trial offered

Pricing ranges from free for the basic plan to $29.99/month to $39.99/month for PLUS and PRO subscriptions.

 8. Judge. me Product Reviews Shopify App Store

On your Judge. me profile page, you can manage your recommendations easily and make them more visible to your followers.

Notable features of Judge. me include: 

  • Unrestricted review requests and imports
  • Display star ratings and customer reviews
  • Ability to generate reviews via email, SMS, web, and push notifications


  • Free plan available
  • No free trial offered
  • Pricing starts at $15/month for the Awesome Plan.

9. Klaviyo

Klaviyo Shopify App Store

Klaviyo is a top-tier email marketing solution for Shopify, ideal for those seeking to craft captivating and targeted emails to engage their audience. With over 100 tool integrations, Klaviyo offers pre-built templates, customizable flows, and ROI-based analysis of email campaign performance.

Noteworthy features include:

  • A library of automation
  • Dynamic forms to integrate with your website
  • Syncing of Instagram and Facebook Ads data


  • Free plan available for up to 250 contacts
  • 14-day free trial offered
  • $20/month for up to 500 contacts as part of the pricing model.

10. HelpCenter | FAQ Chat Helpdesk

Help Center Shopify App Store

We were impressed by several features:

  • FAQ builder: allows you to create a FAQ page from the ground up.
  • Product description tabs: lets you add customized tabs to your product pages.
  • All-in-one customer service: enables you to manage customer inquiries from Facebook, email, Chatbot, and Live Chat within a single platform.

As for pricing:

  • 7 days free trial
  • FAQ: $5.99/month.
  • Tabs: $4.99/month.
  • HelpDesk: $19.99/month.


If you're building a website, looking for the best apps for your new Shopify store, or just looking to improve the performance of your existing site, this list may be for you.

You can get a detailed consultation on how we can help you integrate Shopify into your project by leaving your contact info.





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