Platform partnership between Yotpo and Shopify.


This Tuesday, Yotpo, a leading eCommerce marketing platform from Israel, and Shopify, an eCommerce store platform with headquarters in Canada, held an event dedicated to the partnership between the two platforms. The agreement was announced by Tomer Tagrin, Co-founder and CEO at Yotpo, and Brandon Chu, VP Product Acceleration at Shopify. The collaboration was declared earlier, and its purpose is to speed up Yotpo’s growth and improve the shopping experiences of Shopify users. Currently, the store platform uses five of the marketing products developed by the Israeli company. The partnership is accelerated by the strategic investment made by Shopify, which presently reached $30 million. The partnership will provide many benefits to both members taking into account the number of their clients. Shopify provides services for more than 1.75 million merchants in over 175 different countries. Yotpo has comparable numbers - about 1.7 million merchants who use their services, such as reviews, referrals, SMS marketing, and others. Having such a large base allows to gather more information about the business needs and plan further development according to this. Also, it is expected that Yotpo will become one of Shopify’s early launch partners, thus receiving benefits from the newly developed features as soon as possible. The marketing platform will also create new technologies to help merchants make their businesses more competitive.

Also, it is worth mentioning that investments into companies that support Shopify’s merchant ecosystem are a part of their strategy. For example, earlier, they invested in Tapcart, Swyft, Pipe, Bench, and Co-op commerce.

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