Increased growth of the flash delivery market in the Netherlands.


Flash delivery - a quick delivery service within urban locations - is becoming more and more popular in the Netherlands. According to the study provided by Kantar,  among 44 thousand customers, the industry experienced significant growth - from 200 thousand in the first half of 2021 to 700 thousand by the end of the year.

The total amount of costs spent on flash delivery in the Netherlands in 2021 reached about half a billion euros. This fact is astonishing, considering that the service became available only in 2020 when Gorillas (Germany) entered the country’s market. Later three more companies appeared - Flink (Germany), Getir (Turkey), and Zapp (United Kingdom).

According to the data provided by Markteffect, almost 50% of Dutch know what is “Flash delivery”, but the numbers are uneven in different age groups. Older people are less familiar with this concept. The reputation of companies also roughly correlates with how long the company is providing the service. For example, Gorillas is the best-known company in the Netherlands (42%), then goes Flink (20%), Zapp (11%), and Getir (11%).

Also, the survey showed which advantages of the flash delivery services are the most appreciated.

Male respondents said that the most important reasons to use flash delivery are speed (71%) and buying groceries in spontaneous plans (49%). Female respondents mentioned that they appreciate avoiding leaving the house (69%) and speed (55%).

The service is mainly used to buy some items forgotten goods. 49% of customers said they’re using flash delivery to buy something they thought they had at home. 44% - goods for the evening meals. Other popular options are lunches (43%), snacks (41%), and drinks (32%).

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