IDC MarketScape named Commercetools among the leaders of headless digital commerce.

IDC MarketScape named Commercetools among the leaders of headless digital commerce.

Headless commerce is a type of eCommerce architecture where the frontend (head) is not tightly coupled to the backend so that it can be updated easily without any interactions with the backend. IDC MarketScape published an assessment with the evaluation of the primary headless digital commerce application vendors in 2020 and 2021 years. The company evaluated more than ten top players in this field.

So, according to the assessment, Commercetools, the cloud-based commerce platform developed by the company with the same name, headquartered in Germany, was named the leader for headless commerce. The critical features emphasized by IDC MarketScape were modular architecture and performance. The modular architecture allows to set up of the platform in a way that is the most suitable to the customer's needs. In addition, the architecture was designed for use on the cloud. It allowed the platform to achieve high performance.

It is not surprising that Commercetools was named a leader. Their platform was developed for years with such a goal. Even the term “Headless commerce” was created by the company’s co-founder Dirk Hoerig in 2013. And all this time Commercetools were developing own solution based on their vision.

Image Credit: IDC Market Share.

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