How much does a Woocommerce website cost?

WooCommerce Pricing

Interested in the actual expenses involved in building a website using the WooCommerce platform? In our comprehensive review of WooCommerce pricing, we will uncover all the important details.

WooCommerce serves as a free, open-source plugin meticulously designed for WordPress.

Now you may wonder why we have devoted an entire article to the topic of WooCommerce pricing.

To put it plainly, it is important to acknowledge that the fact that the basic software is free does not mean that the operation of your online store will be without costs.

So, let's delve into the real situation with development on the WooCommerce platform.

Starting your journey to establish an online business, it is easy to overlook the myriad financial considerations, especially when dealing with plugins that claim to be free.

But here is the silver lining:

Tools like WooCommerce provide you with the flexibility to shape your budget according to your needs. You retain the authority to determine the allocation of funds for aspects such as design, hosting, and customer service to achieve optimal results for your business.

So, let's delve into the genuine truth about WooCommerce pricing.

How much does a Woocommerce website cost?

  • Hosting

Average cost: $6.95 per month 

WooCommerce Hosting Pricing

Your initial and foremost expense in the world of WooCommerce is web hosting. Every website requires a virtual space to exist on the internet, a service provided by web hosting companies. Among all the associated costs associated with WooCommerce, hosting is one you cannot circumvent.

Without hosting, your website becomes inaccessible to customers, plain and simple. Thus, it's not a question of whether you need web hosting but rather which web hosting provider you should opt for.

Important Note: Introductory vs. Renewal Hosting Rates

Regardless of the web hosting provider you select, you'll almost certainly encounter attractively low introductory rates when you initially subscribe to a plan. These discounted rates are enticing, but they typically expire after about a year, at which point renewal pricing takes effect. Renewal rates often prove to be considerably higher than the introductory rates!

Which web hosting provider should you select?

We have firsthand experience navigating the multitude of hosting options available. We've thoroughly researched and ranked the top eight WordPress hosting providers, and our top recommendation is Bluehost. Our conclusion is not unique; even WordPress itself recommends Bluehost.

In our hosting research, Bluehost earned a commendable score of 4.6 out of 5 in the "value for money" category. Specifically, you'll obtain the most bang for your buck with Bluehost's customized WooCommerce hosting plans, which are available in three pricing tiers: Starter, Plus, and Pro. The ideal pricing tier for your needs will depend on the size and scope of your WooCommerce store. 

  • Domain Name
  • Average cost: $10-20 per year 

    Domain Name WooCommerce Pricing

    Acquiring a domain is another crucial expense when it comes to WooCommerce, and there are two distinct methods for obtaining one. Some hosting providers, such as Bluehost, offer a complimentary domain name for the initial year of your hosting plan. You can register this domain when you sign up for your hosting. Subsequently, you'll need to renew your domain on an annual basis at the standard rate, typically falling within the range of $10-20 per year, contingent upon your chosen domain name extension (e.g., .com, .org, .us...).

  • Themes and Design 
  • Average cost: $0-129 

    WooCoomerce Theme Store

    WooCommerce is crafted to effortlessly integrate with the majority of themes currently accessible in the market. If you can locate a theme adhering to industry best practices, it should harmoniously support WooCommerce. Nevertheless, this doesn't imply you should settle for just any theme.

    In fact, there are themes custom-designed for WooCommerce, ensuring they excel in presenting your products in the most captivating manner possible. If the aesthetics of your eCommerce store hold significance (and they certainly should), it's advisable to explore specialized WooCommerce themes.

    WooCommerce's own Storefront theme stands out as an impressive choice in its own right.

    Nonetheless, before you gravitate toward a free theme, it's essential to bear in mind that there are numerous compelling reasons to allocate a bit more to enhance your store's design. Here are a few noteworthy considerations:

    Uniqueness: Free themes are ubiquitous across the internet, diminishing the potential for your store to stand out distinctively.

    Functionality and Performance: Free themes often have limitations in terms of functionality and performance.

    Customer Support and Updates: Paid themes are more likely to include specialized customer support and regular updates, translating to fewer issues and less downtime for your store.

    While paid WooCommerce themes may require a higher investment, they establish a lasting and distinctive presence in your chosen market. It's the kind of investment that can yield substantial returns.

    Furthermore, there are other design elements and features for which you may need to consider paying:

    Email Marketing Tools and Templates: These are indispensable for nurturing leads.

    Landing Page Designs: They play a crucial role in capturing subscribers and cultivating repeat customers.

    Designs for Gift Cards and Voucher Codes: These can boost sales and customer engagement.

    Logo and Visual Branding Assets: Vital for building a strong brand identity.

  • Extensions
  • Average cost: transaction fees + $0-360/year

    Extentions WooCommerce Cost

    WooCommerce extensions are valuable tools for expanding the capabilities of your e-commerce site and tailoring it to your specific needs. Whether you want to streamline payment processing, enhance product displays, or improve marketing efforts, there's likely a WooCommerce extension available to help you achieve your goals.

    Type of Woocommerce Extensions:

    Payment Gateways: Extensions that allow you to accept payments through various methods, such as credit cards, digital wallets, and alternative payment systems.

    Shipping and Delivery: Extensions that provide advanced shipping options, calculate shipping costs and integrate with different shipping carriers.

    Product Add-Ons: Extensions that enable you to add extra options or customizations to your products, like color choices, engraving, or gift wrapping.

    Subscription Management: Extensions for managing subscription-based products and services.

    Marketing and SEO: Extensions that assist with SEO optimization, email marketing, and social media integration.

    Inventory and Stock Management: Tools for tracking and managing your product inventory and stock levels.

    Reporting and Analytics: Extensions that provide in-depth insights into your store's performance, sales trends, and customer behavior.

    Security and Compliance: Extensions that enhance the security of your e-commerce site and help with compliance, such as GDPR.

  • Plugins 
  • Average cost: $0-129 per year 

    WooCommerce Plugins

    Plugins serve as versatile and non-essential extensions for your WooCommerce store. They offer additional features and functionalities that are optional but can greatly enhance the engagement and appeal of your online store.

    With a vast selection of both free and paid plugins available, you have the opportunity to customize your store with an array of features. To provide you with an overview, we've highlighted some of our preferred plugins across various e-commerce categories for discussion below.

  • Security 
  • Average cost: $0-300/year 

    Security WooCommerce

    Standard SSL certificates are frequently included at no extra cost in web hosting packages. In fact, all of Bluehost's plans come with complimentary SSL security. If your chosen hosting provider doesn't offer this, you can easily install a basic SSL certificate for free through Let's Encrypt.

    Nevertheless, for e-commerce websites, a higher level of security is typically necessary due to the handling of customers' payment information. You have the option to purchase more advanced SSL packages from vendors like Namecheap or through most hosting providers. These advanced SSL certificates typically range in cost from $7 to $150 per year, depending on the specific features you require.

    Anti-malware tools:

    While SSL certificates are a crucial starting point for website security, you may want to take extra measures by considering anti-malware tools such as SiteLock. Some web hosting companies even offer discounts on this type of protection. For instance, if you subscribe to SiteLock through Bluehost, the basic version is available at a cost of just $23.88 per year.

    For the utmost in anti-malware protection, you can opt for one of SiteLock's prepackaged Business plans, with prices ranging from $149.99 to $499.99 per year. SiteLock's most affordable Business package offers automatic malware removal and automatic threat detection. Meanwhile, the highest-tier plan includes additional features such as:

    • Google blacklist monitoring
    • File-level scanning
    • Plugin scanning
    • Weekly scan reports
    • XSS scripting protection
    • SQL injection protection

    These advanced security measures can help safeguard your website from various online threats, providing peace of mind for both you and your customers.

  • Developer Fees

  • Average cost: $1,000-6,000

    WooCommerce Developer Feeds

    If you operate a small or medium-sized WooCommerce store, there's typically no need to consider hiring a web developer. While developers excel at managing the intricate technical aspects to enhance your site's design and functionality, their services come at a substantial cost. For smaller or moderately sized online stores, the benefits may not justify the expenditure.

    However, if you manage a larger website and are looking to delegate development work to a professional, you can expect to invest between $1,000 and $6,000, depending on the project's complexity, or hire a developer at an hourly rate ranging from $60 to $150.

    WooCommerce offers a directory of certified WooExperts, ensuring that the developer you select is thoroughly prepared to work on a WooCommerce-based website.


    WooCommerce Website Cost

    Now you understand that Woocommerce is not entirely free, and if you want to create a fully functional online store, some financial investments are necessary.

    We hope that after reading this article, you have a better understanding of the cost of creating your own online project and will be able to formulate your own budget.

    If you still have questions and need professional assistance in creating an online store or website for your project, please leave your contact information, and our expert will provide you with a complete calculation.

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