How bad web design can kill an E-commerce project?

How bad web design can kill an E-commerce project?

Have you ever thought about the importance of design for an E-commerce project? And how do potential customers react to bad design in online stores?

Let's talk about it today.

The first thing you need to know about your website is that it takes only 55 milliseconds for a visitor to form an opinion on it. Blinks take that long. Thus, the main design affects the user's perception and decision about whether to stay or leave your E-commerce site.

There's no doubt that E-commerce website design needs to be taken seriously.

Web Design for Ecommerce


Statistics are always good for a comprehensive understanding of the situation, but even without it, let's imagine a situation where you have a certain need and you go to an offline store that is neglected, it's dirty, the assortment is laid out chaotically and you don't understand at all where to find what you need. What emotions will it evoke in you? 

Most of all, even knowing that this store has exactly what you need, you will not want to buy something here and will decide to look for something more pleasant place.

Simple life situations can also help us understand the importance of web design in modern E-commerce stores.

How can a bad web design hurt your E-commerce business?

An E-commerce store with a bad design will have a significant negative impact on its success. Your E-commerce store can die from bad web design in a few ways:

  • Lack of Trust. Your business can look unprofessional or untrustworthy if your site isn't designed well. Customers who worry about their personal and financial info will abandon their carts.
  • Poor User Experience. You can turn off potential customers with a poorly designed e-commerce store. Sites that are hard to navigate, slow to load or lack clear calls to action will quickly lose users.
  • Difficulty with Search Engine Optimization. Good designs and usability are rewarded by search engines like Google. A hard-to-navigate site or poor design could hurt your search engine rankings, making it harder for potential customers to find you
  • Low Conversion Rates. Low conversion rates can be caused by confusing or ugly designs. Customers may abandon their purchases if they can't find what they're looking for or if the checkout process is too complicated.

Who better to ask about E-commerce design more than a web designer who does it every day?

Please read the expert and useful information we've prepared for you.

E-commerce web design: 4 questions for a professional

E-commerce Web Design Services1. What is the importance of professional site design for E-commerce?

Professional E-commerce design helps you understand how long it will take users to get to their goal, and how quickly and easily they can find what they need.

In eCommerce, you need to think about good navigation because it is important that the visitor to your site can quickly and easily find the information he needs.

The user might go to a competitor if getting information that interests him takes so much time and effort.

 A good design should be well thought out, that is, it should be functional, and aesthetics are also important, but if the site is poorly built, it will not be able to bring benefits to both parties.

The modern, professional design makes customers trust the website.

 The most important thing in the development of eCommerce is logically arranging blocks and elements with the help of which actions are performed.  It should all make sense. 

Finally, design plays an important role in achieving goals. The key to getting new customers and increasing sales is a properly built website and professional design.

2. What actions does the web designer take so that these actions in the future affect the growth of sales of the project?

Now it is very important to do E-commerce development for mobile devices as well. This has a big impact on sales. It should be adaptive for all devices.

It is very important to think through the user's steps in advance. Create a user map, show the way how he can find the product he needs and buy it.

The design should help make transitions through information, it should be a clearly and logically thought out path. For this, we can be helped by typography and colors, with which we emphasize information. Also, the use of good images will affect the sales of the product, so it is important to use good-quality images.

The designer also needs to use patterns of user behavior when creating E-commerce.

3. How can a business owner understand that there is a design problem in his E-commerce project?

If the E-commerce project lacks adaptation for various devices, it is already a risk that the E-commerce project may lose potential customers.

Data protection is also essential now, it is a big priority in creating E-commerce. And of course, one of the critical problems is poor optimization, the speed of work with the resource should be very high.

If you have any of these items not working well and you see some of these problems, you can contact our company and we will help you solve it and improve it.

4. Do you have a specific example from your work (maybe from previous projects) when redesign improved the results of the E-commerce website?

I had experience in E-commerce development. It was a resource for selling courses. In general, the main goal was the redesign (Visual design) of the plugin, which could be used to make sales. So the redesign was in-depth. Making a decision required a lot of detail. Also, I needed to understand all user processes and actions! This helped to avoid problems to create a good tool. As a result, after the redesign, the company representative reported that sales increased by approximately 18%. In my opinion, this was a good first result, and the project is working well and continuing to develop.


Web design has a lot more value than you might think in modern e-commerce projects. Aesthetics and visuals aren't everything.

Because the company's E-commerce profitability also depends on web design solutions and it is worth understanding that a bad web design can destroy your online business. We can also help you if you already started looking for a web design solutions company after reading our article.

Our web designers know how to make your E-commerce store more profitable and attract more and more new customers. Apply now and take a step towards your E-commerce success.

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