Global growth of small and medium businesses sales.


Sendlane, the marketing automation company for small and medium eCommerce businesses, recently announced the global survey results they made to learn more about the state of eCommerce.  The survey is based on the data from more than 150 respondents (eCommerce owners and marketers) from the whole world. The information was gathered from small and medium businesses - retailers with less than $50 million in sales.

The most notable factors are displayed below:

  • 90% of companies reported increased traffic on their sites (10% or more);
  • 80% of businesses hired new employees into sales, development, and marketing departments;
  • 92% of respondents state that their sales increased compared to 2020;
  • 21% of respondents said that the profits increased by 40% or more;
  • 85% of retailers changed their budgets to increase their spendings on eCommerce technologies;
  • 26% of companies increased the spendings on eCommerce technologies by 40% or more;
  • the most money was spent on marketing automation systems and email marketing.

Despite the massive investments in email marketing, 67% of the participants think their consumers are tired of marketing messages. It would be great to change the way they contact customers. 39% state that more personalization in the letters may help, 23% think about changing the channels, and 21% want to find new ways to engage customers.

Many of the companies had the same topics to worry about. For example:

  • 35% were concerned about fraud;
  • 18% were worried about the financial conditions of their buyers;
  • 13% were afraid of shipping delays;
  • 8% were thinking about the stable work of their website.

As for 2022, small and medium businesses are pretty optimistic in general. 92% expect to increase profits in the upcoming year, 24% think that their income will grow by at least 40%,  94% of the respondents are expecting further growth, 28% believe that their business will increase by 40%, and 89% are going to invest money into eCommerce technology. However, the main branches are marketing automation and inventory management.

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