Dashlane published a new safety report. Eastern Europe uses the most secure passwords.

Dashlane published a new safety report. Eastern Europe uses the most secure passwords

Dashlane is known as a company founded in 2009 and released its first password manager software in 2012; it recently published a global password security report. The password security was calculated based on Password Health Score - an algorithm that considers whether a password was compromised, reused (or similar), or weak. The scale ranges from 0 to 100, with an ideal password score above 90.

This year all the password rankings in the world were between 77 and 69 (within the “Needs Improvement” range. The company didn’t provide a detailed breakdown by country; however still published results in 14 regions of the world:

Region name

Password Health Score (averaged)

Eastern Europe


Northern Europe


Western Europe


Central America


Southern and Eastern Africa


South-Eastern Asia


Eastern Asia


South America


The Middle East and Central Asia




Southern Europe


Southern Asia


Northern and Western Africa


Northern America


Probably, Northern America received the lowest rating, due to the number of the compromised passwords. According to the company’s information, their number is around 20% for this region. Also, around 51% of the passwords in the world are reused.

Image Credit: Photo by regularguy.eth on Unsplash

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