How to improve customer service in eCommerce?

How to improve customer service in eCommerce?

According to the research conducted by Digital Commerce 360 and Bizrate Insights, the critical values for the customers are still quick delivery and cost efficiency.

The survey has been performed annually since 2020, and every time the data is collected from a thousand or more respondents. This year the number of respondents reached 1116.

The customers submitted information about the most important selection factors. The top 5 of them are:

  • Free shipping: It is essential for 70% of customers in 2022, compared to 82% in 2021.
  • Delivery speed: Is meaningful for 43% of respondents.The number didn’t change significantly compared to 44% a year ago.
  • Product availability and readiness for shipping: Were chosen by 35% of people. In 2021 this point was chosen by 48% of people and took second place among the most important factors.
  • Quality of customer service: Became more appreciated by customers (33% compared to 23% a year ago).
  • Free return shipping: Was moved from the 4th rank (25%) to the fifth (41% in 2021).

In addition, around 38% of the customers mentioned that cheaper shipping is more important for them than quick delivery. In the past six months, they have been choosing longer shipping options to save money.

Why should a business invest in improving customer service?

Whether you're aware of it or not, customer service is a crucial factor in many of your purchasing decisions. Consider when you're in the market for a specific item offered by multiple brands at a similar price point. What distinguishes the one you choose from the others you overlook?

While brand reputation and recognition may influence your decision, the ultimate choice often hinges on factors like the speed of product delivery, the level of support provided, and your overall comfort with the brand.

All these elements fall within the realm of customer service, underscoring the significance of promoting service to customers rather than merely selling products.

Exceptional customer service brings three key advantages that are valuable for any business:

  • Demonstrates your commitment to customer satisfaction by assisting even after a transaction.
  • Acts as an effective marketing tool, as satisfied customers are likely to share their positive experiences with friends and family, and leave favorable online reviews.
  • Adopting a proactive approach ensures a higher likelihood that your customers will become repeat buyers.

Here, you can also check out the global consumer trends report.

How can you enhance customer service within your ecommerce project? 

We will write a few tips, using which you are guaranteed to get greater customer loyalty to your project.

1. Listen carefully to your customer's needs and feedback

Pay attention to your customers by utilizing feedback analysis. Seeking your customers' opinions and considering their input is crucial for your success. Disregarding your customers and assuming you know better is a surefire path to experiencing a steady decline in customers, which can quickly escalate.

To gain a deeper understanding of your customers' feedback and extract valuable insights, you must first organize your data. Subsequently, categorize it based on the type and theme of the feedback.

2. Provide something valuable and give it away for free

Acknowledging and rewarding loyalty is an often overlooked element of customer service. Just as you address areas that require improvement, you should also focus on strengthening relationships that are already thriving.

One approach to achieving this is by offering a chance to win an iPad for completing a customer satisfaction survey. Additionally, don't forget your most loyal customers. Extend exclusive discounts and free delivery to them, ensuring they continue to choose your business for many more years.

3. Provide live chat support to every customer online

To convert potential customers into actual buyers, it's crucial to be accessible for their inquiries around the clock. Just as no one enjoys being ignored in a physical store, the same principle applies to the realm of online shopping.

Having a proficient team equipped with well-prepared standard responses and the ability to think on their feet is always the optimal approach.

4. Engage through social media

To establish a connection with your customers, it's essential to present yourself as approachable. Social media offers a great avenue for this, but it's crucial to strike the right balance to avoid coming off as spammy or constantly pushing sales pitches.

5. Allocate resources to enhance your website search functionality

A significant aspect of customer service is linked to the design of your ecommerce platform. To ensure customer satisfaction and encourage conversions, make substantial investments in top-notch site search capabilities. This not only contributes to customer contentment but also minimizes unnecessary interactions that can be time-consuming.

6. Check-in after resolving the issue

Customers must sense that you were supportive when a problem arose. Therefore, follow up to confirm the problem was entirely resolved and that the customer is content with the service. You can accomplish this through an email or a customer feedback survey, aiming to convey to the customer that you are genuinely on their side.

7. Provide complimentary shipping

One effective strategy for enhancing customer service in e-commerce is to provide free shipping. While it may incur a few additional dollars for you, it significantly impresses customers and encourages them to make that initial purchase, possibly leading to additional ones in the future.

Also, you can read about the future of customer service here and take note of the emerging trends.


Today, consumers have more places and ways to make purchases than ever before, and their attention spans are increasingly shorter.

So, if you have an ecommerce business and want online shoppers to choose you, you need to quickly capture their attention. It takes significant effort, but the results will surely please you.

If you need assistance in creating a website that grabs the attention of your prospective customers and makes their interaction with you pleasant and seamless, please leave your contact information on the website for a detailed discussion of the project.

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