TOP Web Design world conferences worth your attention of 2024

TOP Web Design Events worth your attention in the last months of 2023

Professional events and conferences are always a great way to gain new knowledge and skills and build a professional network. There have been quite a few events this year for both web design and the IT industry as a whole.

Bookmark this list and choose which events you'd be interested in attending!

List of web design events worth paying attention to: 

When: January 30th – 31th, 2024

Where:  Online

Price from: $99

The UX360 Research Summit, an online conference dedicated to UX research, is meticulously curated by the Merlien Institute. This event comprises engaging talks and interactive panels that delve into cutting-edge research methods and their practical applications.

Renowned for its ability to draw a diverse audience, ranging from leaders of global brands to dedicated UX practitioners, the summit provides not only a platform for knowledge exchange but also valuable networking opportunities. Its overarching goal is to propel the field of UX research forward, making it a must-attend for anyone seeking to stay abreast of the latest advancements in this dynamic and ever-evolving domain.

When: date: February 27-29, 2024

Where: Online / Seattle, Washington, United States

Price: $530 (online) / $1,195.00 (in-person)

Marking its 12th edition, ConveyUX 2024 is set to unfold from February 27-29 at The Westin Seattle. This conference seamlessly blends in-person and virtual experiences, creating a dynamic platform for designers, researchers, and product managers to explore the ever-changing terrain of user experience in the age of artificial intelligence.

Attendees, whether on-site in Seattle or virtually connected, can anticipate valuable insights and strategies from industry experts that will elevate their skills and broaden their professional networks. ConveyUX 2024 is designed to furnish you, regardless of your participation mode, with the most current trends and practical knowledge in the realm of UX.

When: February 27-29 2024

Where: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Price from: €159.00 (Super Early Bird)

In 2024, the DDX conference is set to unfold across three pivotal locations: Dubai in March, Munich in May, and San Diego in September.

Explore the art of facilitating, fostering, and designing business innovation within these diverse settings. This conference brings together leading experts in UX, delving into the realms of startups, entrepreneurship, and design initiatives, with a special emphasis on sustainability and health ventures.

Seize this distinctive opportunity to engage with industry leaders, forging connections, and honing your skills in these crucial areas.

When: March 18–21, 2024

Where: Greenville, USA

Stands as the 29th annual congregation for professionals in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). With the overarching theme of "Resilience," this year's discussions encompass a spectrum of topics ranging from COVID-19 recovery to cyber resilience while remaining open to all pertinent subjects. The conference is dedicated to addressing real-world challenges in human-computer interaction through the lens of smart technology, harmonizing tech-savvy solutions with a keen focus on meeting the needs of people.

When: April 9-13, 2024

Where: Seattle, Washington, USA

The 2024 Information Architecture Conference (IAC) celebrates its 25th year as a premier event for professionals in information architecture, user experience design, and content strategy.

Happening in Seattle, Washington from April 9-13, the conference zeroes in on the theme "IA in the Age of AI: Designing Intelligent Information Landscapes." With a shift back to in-person events, participants can anticipate workshops on April 9 & 10, followed by the main conference on April 11, 12 & 13.

When: April 11-12, 2024; June 18-19, 2024; September, 19-20, 2024;​ September 25-27, 2024

Where: London, Amsterdam, Prague, Berlin 

Price from: GBP 300.00 (online) / GBP 700.00 (in-person)

UX Healthcare 2024 is set for April 11-12 in London as part of its multi-city series, including stops in Amsterdam, Berlin, and Prague. This conference acts as a collaborative hub for healthcare professionals, UX designers, and developers striving to elevate the user experience within healthcare systems.

With a focus on data accessibility for patients and real-time decision-making for clinicians, the event provides a platform for discussing, sharing, and developing actionable insights. Its goal is to cultivate a symbiotic relationship between clinicians and UX practitioners to ultimately enhance the holistic patient experience.

When: May 11, 2024

Where: Munich, Germany

Price from: €159.00 (Super Early Bird)

In 2024, the DDX conference is set to take place in three significant locations: Dubai in March, Munich in May, and San Diego in September. Gain insights into facilitating, fostering, and designing business in innovative fields.

The conference brings together leading experts in UX for startups, entrepreneurship, and design initiatives, with a specific focus on sustainability and health ventures. Seize this unique opportunity to connect with industry leaders and enhance your skills in these key areas.

When: May 16-17, 2024

Where: Berlin, Germany

Price from: €695

The inaugural in-person UX360 Research Europe Summit 2024 will be held in Berlin from May 16-17. This summit serves as a central hub for UX and design research, offering keynotes from global leaders and engaging panel discussions. With an emphasis on planning, analysis, and implementation, it presents an excellent networking opportunity for UX professionals in search of both inspiration and practical insights.

When: May 24, 2024

Where: Stockholm, Sweden

Business to Buttons 2024 (FBTB 2024) is set to occur on May 24, 2024, at Cirkus in Djurgården, Stockholm. This annual event stands as a significant gathering for professionals interested in User Experience and Service Design in Scandinavia.

The conference program encompasses talks and panel discussions led by experts in UX and CX fields, providing both inspiration and actionable insights. Leading up to the main event, there will be hands-on pre-conference workshops designed to impart practical skills and knowledge. With limited seating, FBTB 2024 aims to maintain an intimate environment conducive to networking and professional development.

When: June 14, 2024

Where: Bristol, United Kingdom

Pixel Pioneers stands as a must-attend event series for front-end developers and UX/UI designers seeking practical advice from industry experts. Since its establishment in 2017, the conference has featured speakers from diverse backgrounds, spanning front-end development, UX design, and data visualization. Taking place on June 14, 2024, in Bristol, United Kingdom, the event caters to professionals at all levels, from junior to senior, across various sectors. Whether you're part of a startup, an agency, or an in-house team, Pixel Pioneers provides invaluable insights without breaking the bank.

When:  June 24-27, 2024

Where: Florida, USA

Price from: To Be Announced

UXPA International 2024 is a four-day event crafted for UX professionals to learn, network, and collaborate. The conference begins with full and half-day workshops on Monday, followed by three days of keynotes, panels, and sessions. Hosted by UXPA International and its global chapters, this event unites UX experts from around the world.

When: August 13-15, 2024

Where: Online 

UXDX APAC focuses on work efficiency, productivity, and sustainability. Explore the latest practices in Product, UX, Design, and Development, enhance your T-shaped skills, and discover how organizations empower teams to deliver. With a diverse lineup of speakers, UXDX ensures an engaging and informative experience, guaranteeing you won't be bored.

When: August 28–30, 2024

Where:  Online / Aarhus, Denmark

UX Nordic 2024 is a conference committed to delving into the latest trends, innovations, and best practices in the realm of User Experience (UX) design. This conference unites UX professionals, researchers, and industry leaders from the Nordic region and beyond, fostering the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and insights.

When: October 09-11, 2024

Where: Online / Dublin, Ireland 

Price from: €199 + Tax (online)/€499 + Tax (in-person) – Valid until: 18 Jan

UXDX EMEA focuses on work efficiency, productivity, and sustainability. Dive into the latest practices in Product, UX, Design, and Development, enhance your T-shaped skills, and discover how organizations empower teams to deliver. With a diverse lineup of speakers, UXDX ensures an engaging and informative experience, guaranteeing you won't be bored.

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Conferences and professional events, especially offline, are always excellent opportunities to gain new knowledge, expand your networking circle, and broaden your perspective. We are continually searching for new relevant events, so we will be updating this list. Subscribe to our blog to receive timely updates.

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