Online buyers like cross-border shopping.


A recent survey commissioned by Logistyx Technologies and performed by international market research consultancy Censuswide shown that 55% of online buyers are considering ordering holiday gifts abroad. Still, around 48% doubt that the parcels will arrive in time. The survey was performed in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Austria and included information from 2035 respondents.

The goal of the survey was to get more information about the consumer’s holiday behavior and what was determining whether they are going to place an order. No wonder that the pandemic changed the customers’ behavior, and they became more open to ordering online. But the survey also showed other details.

The discovered factors include:

  • Online tracking. This is an important factor for 69% of respondents. Due to the increased number of deliveries, delays can happen. So it is understandable that people want to know what’s going on.
  • Estimated delivery time. Purchase delivery from abroad may take a long time depending on distance, delivery service providers, and cost, so no wonder that customers would like to know that beforehand. As well, 69% agreed that it is crucial.
  • Easy returns. Again, 69% of respondents think that it is one of the critical factors. A simplified returns procedure guarantees that you won’t be in trouble if the ordered item doesn’t fit your needs.
  • Delivery charges. This point worries 66% of respondents. They would like to know how much they should pay before the order is placed.
  • Clear pricing information. 61% of people who participated in the survey want to know everything that affects the final price, including taxes, duties, and other charges that may arise while delivering items from one country to another.
  • Sales and promotions. Sometimes the price abroad can be lowered because the vendor or one of the large hubs is located there. So during holidays, the decreased price may be much better, and customers will be inclined to place an order with international delivery even despite longer waiting time. 

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