Marketing for E-commerce: How to get more traffic

Marketing for E-commerce: How to get more traffic

Are you looking for ways to get more traffic to your online store?

We'll talk in more detail about marketing channels you can use to get more traffic and sales in our article.

Today, you can promote your product in lots of ways. Select the right communication channels for your business, and you'll be on your way to success.

Let's start by saying that it's impossible to predict which marketing approach will be most effective immediately. 

It's important to test marketing approaches and tools and decide what works best for your E-commerce project.

 Also, you need a marketing strategy to achieve your goal.

What are the main marketing tools for promoting E-commerce projects?

Today, E-commerce projects can be promoted with many marketing tools. Let's talk about them more in-depth so you'll understand how they work and what to use.

1. SEO

Search engine optimization will help you appear in Google when a specific search query is entered. Your potential customer will see your offer when he enters the key query of the specific product he wants in Google. The best thing is when your online store appears on Google's first page.

This is organic traffic, so it doesn't require huge monetary investments like paid advertising. To get the first results, this method takes time and effort. About six months after you start doing SEO for your project, you'll be able to evaluate the results.

Here are some tips on how to get your online store ranked higher in Google:

  • Conduct a search engine optimization audit of your website;
  • Make an adapted version of your online store for mobile devices;
  • Optimize page load time. It's better if your potential customers don't have to wait;
  • Conduct an SEO audit with the help of professional services. If you have some errors, then try to fix them all and follow other recommendations for improving the SEO provided by the service you decide to use;
  • Do some thorough keyword research and identify the keywords you want to be shown for in Google's search results (Google Keyword Planner)
  • Create your Google My Business profile and improve your local search engine
  • Set up your website in Google Search Console and Google Analytics in order to see regular analytics of your website.

Services that can be used to improve the SEO of your E-commerce website:

Average Marketing Budget Allocations Across Online Channels

Now that social networks are so popular, they're great for marketing.

Be sure to try this marketing tool if you have an online store. E-commerce projects can benefit from it since they can bring in traffic and sales.

Images and videos are easy to convince people with on social media, so it's perfect for E-commerce.

In addition, social network users tend to buy impulsively.

As a result, even if a person doesn't have a specific need, but likes your product, he can buy it.

Of course, you need to know your target audience and where they hang out.

The location of your advertisement is just as important as which one you run.

You need to test and choose the most effective social platforms for your online store.

Visuals are important for social media, so post good visuals and showcase your product well.

Here are some services that will help you work with social networks:

Most Popular Social Media Platforms in 20232. Content Marketing 

Content marketing should include product pages, category pages, and cart pages for E-commerce sites.

An important part of E-commerce marketing is copywriting, which helps increase conversions.

Here are a few places you can use content marketing:

  • Product Pages. Title, product description, high-resolution images, and demo videos.
  • Blog Section. Create content in your niche that is valuable and informative to your prospects and customers. Examples: blog posts, downloadable content, infographics, checklists, etc.
  • A multimedia story about E-commerce has a lot of room for creativity. Make content with videos, podcasts, or other interactive media.

Services that will help you work with content

3. Email Marketing 

Even though some people think email marketing is dead, we know from our own experience that it's not.

You can use this channel effectively if you have a contact list.

Your current or potential customers can leave their contact info on your site.

Email marketing can help you remind your customers about your company's promotions and offers.

And also you can offer to subscribe to updates in your store.

As well as returning users who left a product in the cart but didn't buy it, you can remind them about the abandoned product cart.

Services that will help you work with content

4. Paid advertising

If you need direct marketing, you can also jump right into it once you're done with organic traffic.

At this stage, you can invest in contextual advertising and targeted advertising.

  • Google Ads. E-commerce businesses love Google Ads because it's so effective. You can create search, display, and shopping ads targeting specific keywords and demographics with Google Ads. It's easy to control your budget and see a clear ROI since you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.
  • Facebook Ads.  With Facebook Ads, you can create ads that appear on Facebook and Instagram. Using Facebook Ads, you can target specific audiences based on their interests, demographics, and behavior. You can also create retargeting ads to target people who have already visited your website or engaged with your social media.

You should also make your website as attractive, convenient, and understandable as possible for your users. 

Your site's design is very important for how potential customers perceive it.

Our previous article explains how bad design can hurt your online business.

It's only after they switch from advertising to your main page that they'll buy. Our team can help you build a website for your e-Commerce project on Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce. Please provide us with your contact information so we can provide you with professional сonsultation. 

Additionally, check out our previous article to learn which is better for your E-Commerce project: Shopify or Magento.

Services that will help you work with paid advertising:


  • AdEspresso
  • Facebook Manager 
  • Google Ads 

  • Creating Your E-Commerce Marketing Strategy

    5. Influencer Marketing 

    People are influenced by who they trust. E-commerce stores are now collaborating with bloggers and thought leaders because users trust celebrities or experts more than brands.

     You can order an ad by telling the blogger how you want it to look and what links should be in this post.

     Of course, the blogger can offer you another idea, but it's up to you. 

    It's important to check whether a particular thought leader has your target audience to avoid wasting money.

    It's very important to pay attention to what content the blogger publishes, who the blogger targets, and who comments and reacts to his or her content the most.

    There's no way you can determine exactly who the blogger's target audience is, but you can learn a bit about their general direction and understanding. 

    Get account stats and reviews from your potential advertising partner.

    Services that will help you work with:

    6. Customer service and support

    Your main focus should be caring for and supporting your client. If you're having trouble with this, no marketing strategy will help. Conversely, providing high-quality customer service and support can be one of your best marketing strategies. If buyers need to contact you, they should be able to by phone, email, or chat. E-commerce stores should experiment with conversational AI to interact with shoppers in real-time using digital assistants, messaging apps, and chatbots.

    Several companies are known for their customer service. Some of them:

    • Zappos. The online shoe and clothing retailer Zappos is famous for its customer service. The company offers free shipping and returns, a 365-day return policy, and 24/7 customer service.
    • Amazon. There's no denying that Amazon is one of the biggest retailers in the world, and they're known for their excellent customer service. The customer service team is friendly and the products are great.
    • Apple.  Apple is known for its high-quality products and great customer service. Genius Bars, phone, and online support are all available, as well as Genius Bars.
    • Southwest Airlines. Southwest Airlines is known for its friendly, helpful customer service. They don't charge for checked bags or flight changes, and they have a 24/7 customer service line.

    The next article will also talk about how to combine and use marketing communication channels effectively. Stay up to date with our blog.


    There are a lot of marketing channels and ways to promote your E-commerce business nowadays. The main thing is to pick the right communication channels and create an effective marketing strategy. Try some of the marketing channels we talked about. Good luck with your E-commerce business.

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