Adobe recognized as a leader in Everest Group's Customer Data Platform (CDP) Products PEAK Matrix Assessment 2023

Adobe recognized as a leader in Everest Group's Customer Data Platform (CDP) Products PEAK Matrix Assessment 2023 - Zest Logic

Adobe has achieved recognition as a Leader in the Everest Group Customer Data Platform (CDP) Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023. This assessment, conducted by Everest Group, evaluates CDP providers based on their market impact and vision capability. Adobe Real-Time CDP, powered by Adobe Experience Platform, has received commendable scores in the terms of value delivered and vision and strategy.

In the current digital landscape, organizations face challenges in accessing and effectively utilizing customer data to deliver exceptional experiences. Everest Group notes the evolving nature of the CDP landscape, driven by factors such as government regulations on privacy, the anticipated decline of third-party cookies, and the increasing demand for personalized experiences. Consequently, CDPs have become essential tools within organizations' data ecosystems.

Adobe's Real-Time CDP addresses industry challenges by offering a comprehensive customer data management solution. It supports various use cases, including customer acquisition and loyalty. Real-Time CDP provides fast and flexible data connections, actionable real-time profiles, productized governance, enhanced security and privacy measures, and versatile activation capabilities, empowering customers for success.

Everest Group recognizes Adobe's strong global presence and well-established reputation, facilitated by its robust technology and system integrator partner landscape. This acknowledgment validates Adobe's strategy of providing end-to-end data management capabilities throughout the customer lifecycle.

Key areas recognized by Everest Group:

  • Support for the enterprise: Adobe effectively serves large enterprises, catering to diverse use cases across multiple lines of business.
  • Customization and integrations: Real-Time CDP offers a range of data sources and activation integrations, allowing customization to meet specific customer requirements.
  • Supporting the user community: Adobe fosters a thriving community of CDP practitioners through engaging experiences like Adobe Summit, Adobe Insider Tour, and Adobe Experience League.

Adobe's recognition as a Leader in Everest Group's Customer Data Platform (CDP) Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023 underscores the company's comprehensive capabilities and commitment to meeting customer needs. 

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