A new Ukrainian marketplace, Made With Bravery launched to help to rebuild the country

A new Ukrainian marketplace

A new online marketplace named “Made With Bravery” was launched by the Ukrainian government. Every purchase generates a small donation to the United24 platform for reconstructing Ukraine. The marketplace donates 5% of the costs of each item to the fund. An Extra 5% are gathered from Visa cards.

The store aimed to introduce the makers from Ukraine to the world. Currently, the stock mainly consists of merchandise, household and fashion items, art, and food. However, the platform keeps expanding. The new sellers can get permission to add their products once they pass an approval process. The sellers must be Ukrainian business entities, and they need proof of selling high-quality goods in the Ukrainian market.

The “About Us” page explains the origins of the store’s name: “The world gave us three days to last. But we still stand. Moreover, we still create. We craft. We deliver. That's why everything made in Ukraine is made with bravery. And now you can support Ukrainian bravery by simply buying these things.”

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